Free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass

To celebrate Canada's 150th birthday next year, the 2017 Discovery Pass will provide free admission for the entire year to Parks Canada places all over the country!


Batiste Dry Shampoo

When we were still in the Philippines, I would take a bath at least once a day. During summer days, I would take a bath two to three times a day. For anyone who has experienced the humidity of our tropical country, they would understand.

When I came to Canada, I learned that taking a bath, taking a shower, and washing your hair meant entirely different things.


Spectac! 2016 Royal Canadian Circus

Strap & Silk Aerial Act 
Last Saturday, we went to the Edmonton Expo Centre to watch the Royal Canadian Cirus. It was our first time to watch a real live circus under an actual "big top"! It was a very rainy afternoon. Good thing I was able to buy tickets earlier online. The ticket booth also opened outside the tent, but considering the pouring rain that afternoon, it was definitely more convenient to have tickets ahead of time.


Edmonton's Mid-Autumn Festival 2015

Every week, we try to go somewhere to explore our new home, Edmonton. Last month, we decided to go to the Mid-Autumn Festival at the Churchill Square. The event's Facebook page describes  The Mid-Autumn Festival as follows:

The Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally a harvest festival that revolves around the gathering of family and friends, giving thanks to the harvest, and wishing for longevity, good fortune, and happiness. It is often celebrated with mooncake, lanterns, and reunions.


Digital Project Life, My Way

I have been on a bit of hiatus for a while. School and life just took too much of my time. Now that school is almost done and I am doing my work practicum, I have more time in my hands. I actually started with several projects and hobbies like jewelry making, but then I started getting interested in scrapbooking again. That's what usually happens with my creative juices, either they're not there or they come in bucketfuls.

2015 Week 34 (Seafoam kit, Project 52 title card)

I've always been into scrapbooking, the digital kind, but when the hubby and I started our photography business years ago, I had no more time to spare. Recently, as I was watching youtube videos of jewelry-making,  I stumbled upon a video of Becky Higgins and Project Life. I have been hearing about it but I never really bothered to find out more. When I finally sat down and read blogs and watched videos, I was hooked!


Cooking Lechon Kawali in Canada

One of the things I  really miss from our life in the Philippines is the food.  One of our favourites is Lechon Kawali.  It is definitely not the healthiest food choice,  but it is soooo good.  That became our staple contribution to family potlucks.


Dinosaur Unearthed Exhibit at the Telus World of Science

Yesterday was Victoria Day here in Canada, a holiday.  We were so grateful for the chance to rest and be together longer.  Weekends always seem too short.  We wanted to go for a trip to Calgary,  Jasper maybe, we also received invitations to join different groups of people camping.  It was pretty obvious everybody was bent on enjoying the long weekend.  Since Bea was still a bit sick,  we decided to just stay within the Edmonton city limits.


Lessons I Learned From Working at Tim Hortons

My stint as a Tim Hortons team member 
Before we left for Canada,  I was aware of people with established careers in their home countries,  start from scratch.  I knew of people who worked in what they called "survival jobs".  I felt anxious of me getting into the fast food industry as well,  not because I looked down on people working in this industry,  but because I know I am clumsy and I feared that I would be asked to serve a tray filled with food and I'd spill everything on my customers!

When Bea started school in September,  I had nothing to do at home.  I decided to try looking for a job.  I needed a job with a schedule  that would allow me to pick up Bea from daycare in the afternoon.  So I went and applied to the Tim Hortons branch near where Berto was working.

I got accepted and started working in October.  I got 1 week training for the basics,  like how to operate the coffee machine and the milk/cream/sugar dispensers,  what a one and one or a double-double means,  how to greet the customers etc. It was a huge adjustment from the work place I was used to.  I really wanted to quit after that one week,  but I didn't want to be a quitter so I persevered.  I'm  glad I  did,  I learned a lot from my stint in Tim Hortons.

  • Customer Service - Customers differ.  They can be the nicest,  most understanding and appreciative people, but they can also be difficult and unreasonable.  Despite that,  it was our job to keep them happy and to keep them coming back. 
  • Time Management - Everything is fast-paced.  There is a target time for making the coffee, tea, iced cap,  smoothies,  sandwiches,  soups.  Walking in a relaxed manner is simply unacceptable.  One has to be always rushing,  shouting "behind"  or "hot, hot!" There as so many things to do,  chores to finish,  showcases to refill,  and everything has to be done fast! 
  • Team work - I worked with people from different cultures and backgrounds.  There may people you don't particularly like but you still have to do your best and work well with them. If you do this,  you will end up with valuable interpersonal skills that will benefit you in the long run.
  • Multitasking and Working under pressure - serving cranky customers,  getting instructions from grumpy supervisors,  malfunctioning equipment, listening to unreasonable requests from customers were  part of my everyday routine.  After a few months,  they didn't bother me anymore.  Plus I became more patient. 
I spent only four months working in Tim Hortons because I decided to go back to school and get a Canadian diploma. Those four months may have seemed like the longest four months of my life,  but I really learned a lot.  I also appreciated the people working in this industry a lot more.  Boy,  it wasn't easy! Fast food jobs are often looked down on,  but it is actually a noble job with lots of things to learn that you will get to take with you no matter where you go. 

Hopefully when I graduate,  I will land a good office job,  something right up my administrative /accounting /financial alley.  One thing I am sure of,  I will never forget the lessons I learned from my short stint at Tim Hortons. 
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