Hollywood Celebrities Support Pacquiao Despite Loss.

Jimmy was part of Pacman's entourage that night 

Rocky loves Manny
The Filipino pride lost the "Fight of the Century".  I just took comfort in reading tweets from Hollywood celebrities who still believed in Manny Pacquiao.

I wonder what's next for the Filipino champ?

Our Free Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 from TD Canada Trust

When we first arrived here in Edmonton last year,  we didn't know any banks.  As immigrants,  we were expected to have enough funds to support our family as we get settled in.  We didn't want those funds just lying around in the house,  we knew we needed to open a bank account as soon as possible. When we asked hubby's family members,  most of them were banking with  TD Canada Trust.  It is open 7 days a week and has extended hours,  plus they have so many branches scattered around the city. So we decided to open an account with TD too.

The guy who assisted us suggested that we open an account perfect for immigrants.  The minimum was $3,500,  we get unlimited number transactions a month and we get a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.  As happy as this made us,  we came to Canada with all our gadgets.  2 laptops and 2 tablets plus our phones.  We thought we didn't need any more gadgets. So the TD guys gave us another option.  We can say no to the free tablet,  and get another deal instead.  With this account,  if our money falls below the minimum,  we get a bank charge of around $15. He offered to waive that charge for 6 months.  We thought it was a great idea and opted for that deal. 

However,  when our funds did fall below the minumum about,  I noticed they charged us with the fee.  I tried to contact the guy who assisted us but I  couldn't reach him.  So I sent him an email.  The following month,  it happened again. That's almost $30! I decided to just walk in the bank and look for the man, but apparently he's not working there anymore!

I walked up to a teller and told her our predicament.  She said the best thing she can advise us was to convert our account to a regular chequing account with a minimum balance of $1,500. If balance falls below that the charge is just $3.95. I did just that, but I still felt bad about the $30 we lost.  I felt we were duped.  

Anyway,  imagine our surprise when a few months after that,  we got a package in the mail.  It contained a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4! Whoah! I guess they figured out the mix up,  and decided to correct it by sending us the tablet.  :) 

Guess who's the lucky girl who got (grabbed)  ownership of a new gadget,  after she insisted we didn't need any more gadgets?  Lucky me! 

So here she is,  my new blogging  buddy "Tabby".  

Of course I just had to have a cover with my new tablet. I tried looking for one in different stores.  Oh boy,  they are expensive. It made me miss the Philippines' Digibabe store or the Greenhills tiangge stalls where we always got our affordable gadget accessories.  

I had no choice but to get a simple Samsung Book Cover that I found at The Source for $50. Tsk!  I also wanted to get a screen protector but I refused to shell out another $25! I just need to be extra careful with Tabby.


Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Gives Birth to a Princess!

The Royal Couple's Official Engagement Photo
Photo credit : goabroad.com
The royal couple's 2nd baby is born,  finally.  After days being overdue from her April 23 due date,  the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their little princess today! 

Prince William was present for the birth of the 8lbs 3oz (3.7kg) baby girl at St.  Mary's Hospital in London.  Prince George is officially a big bro!

So happy for this family! They seem like a normal family,  except they richer and they dress better.  Hehe.  Congratulations!

UPDATE:  The Royal Couple's newborn princess has been named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana as a tribute to Prince William's parents and grandmother.

Charlotte is considered a feminine form of Charles, after the newborn's grandfather, Prince Charles. The middle names honor Queen Elizabeth II, the baby's great-grandmother, and the late Princess Diana, William's mother.


Pacquiao - Mayweather Fight: Why Pacquiao Needs to Win

Photo credit: Philstar.com

I am Filipino.  I obviously am biased in favour of Manny Pacquiao winning the boxing bout on May 2, 2015. I may not support all his decisions,  especially dabbling in politics and alleged extramarital affairs,   but I do believe Pacman is a great fighter with a good heart.  

I don't want Mayweather to win.  His ego is big enough as it is now,  imagine if he gets bragging rights of defeating Pacquiao. Argh!  We'd never hear the end of it.  

Another reason though, why I wouldn't want Mayweather to win is because  he has already been winning his battles with women for years.  He is known to have a history of domestic violence,  even serving jail time for it last 2012! He has had brush-ins with the law seven times for abuse against five different women!  This guy doesn't need punching bags in the  gym.  He uses real live women for practice!  

Why would I want a man who physically abuses women to win the "Fight of the Century"?  No way.  I'm all for Pacquiao on this one.  He's far from perfect, but between the two,  he's the good guy in my book.  Good luck Pacman!  


Temporarily Offline

Photo credit: samsonmedia.net

Today,  I just wanted to kick myself in my a$$!  I was so frustrated! Imagine my dismay when I discovered I lost my domain subscription just as I was getting my blogging mojo back. Argh!  Since our move to Canada,  I haven't set up our paypal account. I've already cut off our credit cards from the Philippines and I have not yet connected our credit card here to our paypal account. My domain subscription bills are charged directly to Paypal.

Although I vaguely remember getting an email reminder about the bertoandkwala.com domain due for renewal,  I didn't really pay much attention since  I knew I had everything set up already.  It was supposed to renew automatically. When this happened 2years ago to our photography site,  I thought I already learned my lesson.  Yes,  you read right.  This gross negligence of mine has already happened once before, and yes I also paid the obscene charges just to keep my domain of choice.

Call it OC behaviour,  or just simple fondness for my domain,  I just felt I had to keep my little corner of webspace.  I considered getting a .net or a .ca instead,  but I still go back to my original domain. Believe me this "fondness" cost a lot of moolah!  The company charged for the usual renewal charge,  plus a redemption package costing more than 5 times the regular rate. Since I already owned this expired  domain for so many years,  the domain masters assumed I'd want it back desperately.  They assumed correct of course.  Did they take advantage of my situation? Hell yeah!  Who's fault was it?  Mine.

Although I was temporarily offline for a few hours yesterday,  I've gotten our name back (Berto came to the rescue when he saw me moping around the house).  I really have to push myself to publish more, not that this blog is actually earning a lot, but it makes me happy.  I have to prove to Berto that this blog is worth his "investment".  :) 


Easy Recipe for Scrambled Eggs with Herbs

Saturday is a special day for me. After a 5 grueling days in school, it is a welcome break for me. Um, not really a break break, more a reprieve from school, and time to focus on household chores.  Although, Berto encourages me to sleep in, I still wake up early to prepare his breakfast and lunch for work.

I also need to get the dirty clothes ready for laundry. This has always been a cause of stress for me because I'd want to be able to go to our building's laundry room and find both washing machines available.  There were few times when I'd find the machines occupied and then I had to go back and check on the machines again a couple of times to make sure they're available already.  This can be a hassle since our laundry room is a floor above our apartment..meaning early morning cardio exercise for me.  Thankfully,  last Saturday,  both machines were available. 

While waiting for the laundry,  I decided to treat myself to a special breakfast. This is the only day I can prepare my breakfast and actually sit down and eat slowly, in peace. There's Sunday brunch too but Berto's in charge of that.

I love scrambled eggs.  I wouldn't eat my eggs any other way.  I decided to try  something different though. I decided to add some herbs.  I came up with a delicious egg dish that is so easy to make.


2 eggs (whipped)
Pinch of salt and pepper
Pinch of dried oregano
Pinch of dried thyme
4 tablespoons milk
Parmesan cheese


Whip eggs is a bowl.  Add milk,  salt and pepper.  In a skillet,  add a bit of oil or butter if you want additional creaminess.  Add the egg mixture.  While the bottom part of the egg is cooking sprinkle dried thyme and oregano all over.  Also,  scattter parmesan cheese all over.  Mix and turn egg mixture as you would usually do with scrambled eggs.

The result: yummy goodness with additional kick of the spices.  Extra special  breakfast indeed.  I made it again today (Sunday) so that Berto can taste it.  He loved it!  I guess my special scrambled eggs with herbs will be a staple in our Sunday brunches as well.


Welcome Spring!

Spring is finally here! It took its sweet time,  but it's finally here nonetheless. Not that we'd have anything to compare it to.  We are experiencing Canada's four seasons only for the first time. We do know now that winter means being cooped indoors loooong periods of time.  Now we understand why people are so excited about summer,  sun and heat!  Coming from a tropical country,  we often took those for granted. Now that we finally got the warm weather we hoped for,  we grabbed the chance to spend some time outdoors. 

Berto,  Bea and I went for a walk around our neighborhood.  It felt so good to stretch our legs.  We were so happy to be out of our clunky snow boots and into our runners too.  

We had so much fun that it was almost dark when we headed for home.  

Spending time with the family need not be expensive,  just a simple stroll together is enough. 
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