My Close Encounter with Bad Guys

Last week, hubby and I went on a movie date. We watched Bourne ultimatum. What was supposed to be a happy night turned out to be a terrible one.

Our date started fine, hubby and I ordered 2 burritos to go and planned on eating inside the cinema. When we got in, the cinema was not at all full, in fact, we were the only ones sitting in our row. I was seated by the aisle and hubby by my side of course. Anyway, I was holding my bag on my lap, but when we were about to eat, I passed on my bag to my husband and he placed it on the empty seat on his right. It took us only a few minutes to eat our burritos, after which i asked for my bag back. Hubby was surprised to see that the bag was in a different position than when he left it just a few minutes before. When he gave me my bag, he asked me to check its contents, I did.... My wallet was still inside, but my 2 cell phones were gone! My personal cell phone was a SE P990i and my other phone was a nokia 1110 which i use for my "loading" (prepaid reloading for smart and globe) sideline, it still had about P900 worth of load. My heart was already beating fast! We hoped that the phones just fell on the floor, so using hubby's phone we called the phones but BOTH were turned off already! That was when we knew we've been robbed, and the worse thing was it happened right under our noses! It happened so fast, I mean the bag was separated from me for only a few minutes!

Berto immediately looked at the row behind us and saw only an old man there, he asked the man but he said he didn't notice anything, and that no one was sitting there with him. This puzzled me since I am sure I saw and heard a couple sitting directly behind us before the movie started! Hubby then reported the incident to the security but they refused to search the old man! They just logged our complaint and asked for our contact number... So far no news from them.

It is just so infuriating when I think about the fact that we were just sitting a couple of inches from the crooks who robbed us! The nerve! They must've taken my phones by tilting the seat from under, since hubby and the people sitting at the back would have noticed it if they took the phone by going over the backrest. grrr!!!!

Now, I'm missing my PDA/phone... Sadly I can't afford to buy another... huhuhu...

Plus i am also worried since everything about my life is in that phone: birthdays, contact numbers, SSS/tin, account numbers, credit card numbers, everything!

Here's my pic with my phone when I first got it... See how happy I was...

So long "p. nine". 


Que Horror... It's a Bloodbath!

last friday, hubby borrowed some videos for us to watch over the weekend. i told him my request: final destination 3 (we watched the first 2 parts) and monster house. hubby apparently got into the horror/suspense mood and went ahead and borrowed lots of horror movies...
  • the hitcher - yuck! watching this movie made my heart palpitate, showed how inhuman man can be! lots of point blank killing.
  • hostel - showed the bad side of humanity again, a certain business in amsterdam allowed people to experience how it is to kill someone, at whatever manner they fancy, for a price. bloody movie
  • the hills have eyes (unrated) - good story, very violent though, more blood.
  • final destination 3 - not as good as the previous ones, the first installment is still my fave. it was more about the story, unlike this movie which relied more on the shock factor of the violent deaths of the characters. of course... again more blood.
  • monster house - at last, a wholesome movie. well made, funny. i just loved the character voiced by jon heder!
save for monster house, it was a very violent batch. hubby seemed ok with them. when i told him i wanted to watch a horror movie, i meant i wanted the the usual creepy ghost stories that we both love, not the blood and gore that we watched last weekend! oh well.
never again.


Our Beginning

Hmm. How did our love story start? i first laid my eyes on future hubby in a quaint little chapel in our place. i saw this tall guy who was with his family, hearing mass. i was in my second year high school, and so was he. i will soon find out that we had more things in common. We were actually school mates and our rooms were actually next to each other! (Looking back I wonder why I never saw him before) from then on, he was officially my crush. This went on for a year. When I was in third year, our school opened its COCC program for the C.A.T.. Together with a friend I joined. And surprise! There he was, a junior officer and my superior. Hmm. (Years later he said that he also noticed me at that time because of my height. Although at that time he didn't let on) our whole third year of high school was quite uneventful. It was during the summer of that year that things got a bit better.

The CAT program had a summer training program, if we wanted to become officers we had to attend this gruelling training (boy, we sure took things seriously!) since we lived near each other, together with our 2 other friends, we would go to school and come back home together. And then as they say... "nadevelop" yihee!

Fourth yr high school, medyo loves team na kami. But of course, wala pa naman ligawang nagaganap, para tuksuhan Lang. Being the naive girl that I am, feeling ko ako Lang ang may crush SA kanya, until one day a common friend (thanks Cristine!) told me that he admitted to her that he likes me. hehehe kilig to the bones syempre! Then we had our first date, (shakey's molave, wala na ngayon), then 10 days after I turned sweet sixteen, we were officially a couple ( to the delight of our growing number of fans) hay, that was 15 years ago! But as they say, time flies when you're having fun!


Back in the Saddle

the cooking saddle that is.... i can't remember the last time i cooked. when hubby and i were still living on our own (w/o li'l girl) i used to cook everyday. simple dishes that my husband has grown to love. but ever since we moved in with my parents', i rarely cook. this is because the very few times i did try to cook, they wouldn't eat the meal that i prepared. i dunno why, the same reason they won't eat the stuff we bring home i guess. i mean, i could try again, but let's be practical about it... preparing meals cost money, and when they hardly get eaten, sayang naman. i'll just buy milk and diapers na lang. (plus my ego is just not well enough to take my papa's criticism =) ) so i stopped preparing meals.
but tomorrow we are set to go swimming. our first family outing with our daughter, plus our celebration of our 6th year anniv. so i decided to cook my corned beef spaghetti. ( it's the easiest thing to prepare!) and we also got some chichiria. we're thinking we'll just prepare some rice and juice and then probably pick up some lechon manok on the way... ok na siguro yon =)
i like the feeling of cooking again. i miss it. actually, i don't really like the process of cooking, what i really do miss is seeing hubby's look of anticipation as he comes home everynight asking what's for dinner... then seeing his face light up as he tastes the dinner i prepared. haaay... priceless.
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