Our Beginning

Hmm. How did our love story start? i first laid my eyes on future hubby in a quaint little chapel in our place. i saw this tall guy who was with his family, hearing mass. i was in my second year high school, and so was he. i will soon find out that we had more things in common. We were actually school mates and our rooms were actually next to each other! (Looking back I wonder why I never saw him before) from then on, he was officially my crush. This went on for a year. When I was in third year, our school opened its COCC program for the C.A.T.. Together with a friend I joined. And surprise! There he was, a junior officer and my superior. Hmm. (Years later he said that he also noticed me at that time because of my height. Although at that time he didn't let on) our whole third year of high school was quite uneventful. It was during the summer of that year that things got a bit better.

The CAT program had a summer training program, if we wanted to become officers we had to attend this gruelling training (boy, we sure took things seriously!) since we lived near each other, together with our 2 other friends, we would go to school and come back home together. And then as they say... "nadevelop" yihee!

Fourth yr high school, medyo loves team na kami. But of course, wala pa naman ligawang nagaganap, para tuksuhan Lang. Being the naive girl that I am, feeling ko ako Lang ang may crush SA kanya, until one day a common friend (thanks Cristine!) told me that he admitted to her that he likes me. hehehe kilig to the bones syempre! Then we had our first date, (shakey's molave, wala na ngayon), then 10 days after I turned sweet sixteen, we were officially a couple ( to the delight of our growing number of fans) hay, that was 15 years ago! But as they say, time flies when you're having fun!

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