Que Horror... It's a Bloodbath!

last friday, hubby borrowed some videos for us to watch over the weekend. i told him my request: final destination 3 (we watched the first 2 parts) and monster house. hubby apparently got into the horror/suspense mood and went ahead and borrowed lots of horror movies...
  • the hitcher - yuck! watching this movie made my heart palpitate, showed how inhuman man can be! lots of point blank killing.
  • hostel - showed the bad side of humanity again, a certain business in amsterdam allowed people to experience how it is to kill someone, at whatever manner they fancy, for a price. bloody movie
  • the hills have eyes (unrated) - good story, very violent though, more blood.
  • final destination 3 - not as good as the previous ones, the first installment is still my fave. it was more about the story, unlike this movie which relied more on the shock factor of the violent deaths of the characters. of course... again more blood.
  • monster house - at last, a wholesome movie. well made, funny. i just loved the character voiced by jon heder!
save for monster house, it was a very violent batch. hubby seemed ok with them. when i told him i wanted to watch a horror movie, i meant i wanted the the usual creepy ghost stories that we both love, not the blood and gore that we watched last weekend! oh well.
never again.

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