a marriage is a promise...

When we got married almost a decade ago, Berto and I were told we were making a public promise to one another. no one really told us what this promise was all about. all i knew was that it would be the most memorable day of my life... so much so that the biggest bulk of our wedding budget went to photo/video coverage... to make sure every detail of THE DAY was caught on tape. =)

I knew that this was a promise to God... and to our selves...made in front of hundreds of friends and family... but what does a marriage mean?

Here's the inside scoop from someone who's been married for years now...

When you say I do, you are actually saying "honey/darling/babe i promise that..."

I will always love you.

after God, you will be my first priority.

i am forever committed to this relationship and will always work on this marriage.

i will always be faithful to you.

i will always be truthful with you.

i will always be there for you... no matter what.

(fred lowery, covenant of marriage)

along the way... life will have many surprises. your spouse will react in a manner that you never would've thought that he would. you thought you knew him when he was your boyfriend? wait till you're living under one roof, then reality sets in... try living under one roof with your in laws... then desparation sets in hahaha!

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