My Lucky Charm

Berto and I went on a date earlier... it was payday, a glorious time for us wage earners! We went to the Powerplant Mall, Rockwell. Upon entering the mall, we were greeted with posters of the movies being shown in the cinemas... we wanted to watch a movie, but it will be too late already by the time the movie ends... and Makati is still a long way from Marikina... so we just decided to eat dinner at a chinese restaurant. We ate a Mongkok. It's a chinese dimsum restaurant that we've been wanting to try for so long but never really got around to actually sitting down to eat there. Well, tonight we finally went and had dinner there. It was yummy!
After dinner we decided to stroll around the mall. I saw a kiosk where they sell beaded accessories... and guess what? Berto surprised me by buying me a vintage charm bracelet with only 2 charms attached...2 four leaf clovers... for luck. =) I found it very sweet that even after years of being married to berto, he still surprises me with little gifts. =)

What can i say, i must be the luckiest girl in the world... to be gifted with a lucky charm bracelet by someone whom i consider as my very own lucky charm =)

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