How To Love Your Husband

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So many marriages fail today. In my opinion, it is because we stopped communicating with each other. One day you wake up not knowing your partner was unhappy. You're lucky if you find out before it's too late.

Don't take your husband for granted. Sure, we expect them to treat us like princesses, but they deserve to be treated like a king too. =)

Here are some ways to show your husband you love him:

  1. Pray for him daily.
  2. Speak words of kindness.
  3. Give him unexpected gifts.
  4. Thank him for something good he has done.
  5. Praise him for one of his good character qualities.
  6. Be humble enough to confess your own failures.
  7. Reaffirm your commitment to him.
  8. Initiate a special time of lovemaking with him.
  9. Spend time with him doing something he likes to do.
  10. Obey God and let your husband see Christ in you.


Yummy Dinner @ Piazza Pazzo

Last friday, hubby and I had a late dinner at the Piazza Pazzo at the Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Makati. I was craving for pesto, and Rockwell was the closest place we could go to... We were thinking of eating at Amici's but Megamall and Greenhills is just too far away, considering that the friday-night traffic jam was simply terrible!

The ambiance in the restaurant was relaxed. not pretentious at all. the staff who served us was very helpful in guiding us through the menu. we explained that we wanted a simple pesto dish...she offered that they can whip up a pasta dish with pesto sauce and shrimps, even thought it was not on the menu, she said that they can accomodate our wish! =)

We planned on ordering just the pasta dish, but when we saw their list of pizzas, we just had to try the eggplant sausage thin crust pizza. yummy! They even had an authentic italian hot sauce to go with the pizza.

The food was definitely scrumptious. they also had various flavors of gelato, but we were just too full to eat dessert. we agreed that there's always a next time... and then maybe we'll just eat lots of gelato!


Our 7th Year Anniversary

We wanted to celebrate having hurdled the 7 year itch hahaha! that's why we went all out last year... =)
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