DVD Series Marathon

One of the things Berto and I have in common is the love for watching movies. Recently, I've also influenced him into watching TV series... here are some of the TV Series we've watched and loved...
  1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. -before, he couldn't get it why i'd guffaw in front of the televesion whenever i'd watch a friends episode...why i'd watch the re-runs and still laugh... why i'd read the script of the episodes i've just watch and still laugh... when he had the chance to sit down and watch a couple of episodes, he was hooked too! bought the entire DVD collection!
  2. C.S.I. - vegas, miami, new york... you name it, we watch it... again and again and again. it comes to a point when looking at gruesome dismembered bodies don't look so gruesome anymore... hey, it great and educational entertainment!
  3. Prison Break - we got hooked to this season only until the 3rd season. i can't really remember now which came first, the news that wentworth miller was gay or the realization that the story is getting simply old and ridiculous. ( i mean how many times can a family credibly get into trouble? ) the interest into this series eventually fizzled out.
  4. Medium - actually, i think berto just indulged me with this one. i was the one more interested in watching this series and he'd watch too whenever he didn't have anything better to do. i just love mysteries involving psychics and ghosts...so i guess there's no need to explain the next item in our list....
  5. Ghost Whisperer - yep, same interest in mysteries, dead people and helping them get closure. only this time, hubby is more interested...i have a sneaking feeling that jennifer love hewitt's night gowns with plunging necklines have something to do with it.
  6. Monk - we loved monk's quircky way of solving mysteries! berto is amused at the concept of OCD. it was really entertaining to watch, but not really something we'd watch over and over again... it gets old after watching it the first time.
  7. Heroes - i hated the whole series. i found it too dragging and refused to even entertain the thought of watching the second season. hubby couldn't do anything about it.
  8. House MD - we still love watching this series up to now.it came to a point where we'd be so paranoid about every little thing that we'd feel... especially when it came to our little girl. Dr House is just one person we loved to hate! =) he also made us realize, medical mysteries can be pretty interesting too!
  9. Glee - has all the ingredients of a typical telenovela... homosexuality, racial discrimination, teen pregnancy, deception, budding romance, the eternal love triangle... plus it's a musical! who could say no?!
  10. Dexter - our current favorite. we just finished the 3rd season and we're just waiting until the complete season 4 is available in DVD so we can watch that too. who'd ever thought that we learn to love and actually root for a serial killer?! he only kills bad guys, we reason out... hehehe... although the first season was really a shocker, in terms of body count and gruesomeness... i think it was also the best season... the 3rd one was a bit more tame, more into the love story of dexter and rita and its developments, but hey, i'm not complaining. we still loved it and we're still hooked!

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