Thursday Thirteen: 13 things about Berto (aka The Hubby)

  1. He is the eldest among 3 brothers.
  2. He has weak ankles. He’s sprained them so many times! Basketball and any sport that requires running and jumping around is a no-no.
  3. He is a technophobe. He’s never turned on the laptop except when he has to use the word processor. He has never surfed the net on his own (I have to give him the evil eye just to “force” him to email his mom and aunt) and Excel downright scares him!
  4. He loves cars. His work has something to do with cars. The only time I see him reading is when he’s reading an article/book about cars. He dreams about cars. He breathes cars.
  5. His handwriting is beautiful.
  6. He is enamored with majestic old churches.
  7. When I met him in high school, he is the type of person whom I would least likely be interested in. (We’ve been together since 4th year high school!)
  8. He abhors reading, refer to # 4
  9. He is a wonderful cook.
  10. He has a magnificent singing voice. I am his biggest fan!
  11. Except for his wedding ring, he doesn’t wear any jewelry.
  12. He cries when someone dies in the movies. He is so affected; I can’t even talk to him immediately after the movie.
  13. Did I mention he loves cars?

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zoan said...

whew... i hope i have a hubby like yours too :D

soleil said...

Excel kinda scares me too sometimes. ;)

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