Movie Review: The Fourth Kind

Last Thursday, hubby and I wanted to go home early to catch the American Idol girls perform, but when we were on the highway, the traffic jam was so terrible that we decided to just see a movie and let the heavy traffic subside first. When we reached the mall, we immediately chose to see The Fourth Kind. We've always had this weakness for the horror/suspense movies. So how was it? Here it goes:

The Fourth Kind

(Horror, Suspense)

Milla Jovovich, Elias Koteas, Will Patton, Corey Johnson

Back when alien invation and alien sightings were favorite topics in the 1970's, a standard of measurement was set regarding these matters.
When there is sighting of a UFO, it is called encounter of the first kind. When evidence is collected, it is the second kind. When there is contact between humans and the extraterrestials, it is called the third kind, And then finally, when an abduction occurs, this is called the Fourth Kind. This is the premise of the latest scary movie from Universal Pictures.

It tells of the story of Dr. Abegail Tyler, a psychologist from Nome, Alaska who video taped sessions with disturbed patients. Actually, that is what is creepy about this movie. The use actual footages of the videotapes, showing the actual people involved, during their sessions with Dr. Tyler. Unlike other scary movies like Blair Witch Project and The Paranormal Activity, this movie is an actual documentary, based on true stories and facts. Creepy huh?

a word of warning though, the movie contains some pretty graphic scenes that left me depressed for a while.

I admire director and co-writer Olatunde Osunsame's style of splitting the screen into two parts, one part showing the actors and the other showing the "real" people. The only thing that bothered me was the disclaimer that they changed the names of the people involved, and yet they show the actual faces of these people...in compromising positions! hmmm... maybe it's just a hoax...i'm not sure anymore....

Of course, I am not an experienced critic, but what i am sure of is that the movie really did freak me out!

So what did we think? Berto and I actually enjoyed it... and a true testament that the movie did affect us... nobody wanted to get up at dawn. So what if my bladder is about to burst... i will keep it in till morning... when the sun is up and no creepy owl is looking throught the window.... hehehe...

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