Visiting the Noynoy Aquino Volunteer Center

One thing my husband and I have in common is that we like Noynoy Aquino.

Everyday, we pass by houses and establishments with yellow ribbon lanterns hanging by their doors or gates, especially the houses in Loyola Grand Villas. We admire them for being so upfront with their political leanings. They have chosen the presidential candidate they will support this May 2010 elections and they are not shy about it at all. One day, we passed by the Noynoy Aquino Volunteer Center in Katipunan Ave. and we saw a sign saying “Yellow Ribbon Lanterns-Ilaw na Dilaw Available Here”. We got so excited! We decided to pass by on our way home and inquire about the yellow ribbon lanterns.

That night, we were delighted to note that the sign saying they were open was still up, but when hubby knocked at the door, only the security guard came to the door. Apparently, they were already closed, they just don’t take down the sign…ever.

Thankfully, the “manong guard” was very accommodating. He answered hubby’s queries. He said the small lantern costs 250 each while the big one costs 1,000 and it is bundled with 2 small lanterns. Pretty reasonable prices. Too bad he wasn’t allowed to sell the lanterns so he just asked us to return the next day. He said the last volunteers leave at around 7pm. Hmmm… sadly, we’re still traversing EDSA around that time.

We didn’t leave empty handed though. The friendly "manong guard” gave us some yellow ribbon stickers (although we already have one stuck on the car’s rear windshield) and some Noynoy Aquino calendars.
Maybe we’ll just come back on a Saturday.

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