A Date Night With My Honey

after a super hectic week for both hubby and me, we were able to go on a date, finally! we set a date last friday, he was supposed to pick me up early from work, but due to the terrible friday night traffic jam, he arrived at makati at around 8pm already. (which was actually fine with me since i just finished the stuff i needed to do at work).

he said that edsa and c5 was terrible, so we opted to stay at rockwell powerplant mall, since it was the nearest. we will just wait until the traffic gets better.

when we got to rockwell, a nice feeling instantly settled in the pit on my tummy. aahhhh! rockwell brings such fond memories, of carefree days of yore. hahaha...

hubby and i used to have lunch dates here almost every day. my work load back then was not as horrendous and hubby's sched was very flexible. i would leave the office at 11am and be back at around 2pm (shhhh!)we would watch movies at least twice a week! i would happily browse the yummy smelling books at fully booked, often leaving the store with a purchase or two. aahhhh! the good old days!

back to my story. we arrived and looked for a place to eat. we were feeling adventurous and decided to try the vietnamese place, pho24. i ordered the seafoods noodle soup, hubby had the beef noodle soup and we had a side order of shrimp spring rolls. yummy! at first i thought i was not going to feel full after the meal, but halfway through my bowl, my hunger was satiated. hehehe... yum. we accomplished one thing that night, hubby finally got over his vietnamese food aversion! wooohoo! he got from eating at phobac, but that's another story! *wink*

then we went and bought my fave chocolate oatmeal cookies from the blue kitchen.

fun fun night! i really had a great time unwinding the knots in my head! hahaha! This is just what i needed, a relaxing date night with my honey.

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Sarah Lynn said...

Sounds like fun, you make me miss the Philippines. :( I've only been to Powerplant mall twice and Rockwell about the same. My hubby & I mostly hung out at Robinson's Galleria, Mall of Asia, Robinson's Manila.

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