Fall In Love with Your Husband Over and Over Again

It has been years since you got married and somehow you’ve fallen into a rut. You feel you know everything there is to know about your husband. You know how he takes his coffee, you know what ice cream flavor he’ll order, you’re sure how he likes his steak, you know what mood he’s in on a particular time of the day… in other words, years of being married to him has made you so familiar with him. Here are some tips to rekindle your romance and help you fall in love with your life partner over and over again.

  • Remind yourself how it was during the courtship days. You can not control your present situation, much less the person he’s become, but you can control yourself. So take hold of your reality. Instead of simply existing in your partner’s life, remind him and yourself that you are alive, and you are also the same girl he eagerly pursued years ago.
  • Physically and emotionally reconnect with your husband. Go out on dates, Even a romantic stroll around the neighborhood will do, as long as you leave the kids at home.
  • Think about the people you were when you met each other. When you were together then, what did you like about him? About yourself? Did you laugh a lot? Did you sing a lot? Do you remember the little things he did then that made your tummy flutter and your heart skip a beat?
  • Look for something you used to find so endearing, or still do. Peel off the layers, look hard, believe me, it’s there.
  • Everyday when wake up, be grateful for something about your husband and your marriage.
  • So your prince charming is now a little heavier in the middle and a little thinner on top, but remember that he is still the same prince charming who used to do silly things just to get your attention.

Married life may not at rosy as you once thought it would be, but you can make it a lot easier and more exciting by choosing to be happy and in love with the one you promised to love and cherish till the day you die…even if he forgets to put his socks in the hamper.

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