a love so amazing... it's definitely meant to be

I transferred this entry from my original blog, dated 4/22/07...

warning: mushy declarations of undying love ahead!
sometimes i still get amazed, i am with my soulmate, married to him for almost six years. (now we're on our ninth year!) i belong to him! i still feel butterflies in my stomach when i think of him and the things he does to make me happy! the sweetness is still there after all these years. ifn fact, our relationship now is similar to how we were when we were still boyfriends and girlfriends. (all 8 years!).

pls don't be mistaken, ours is not a perfect love affair. so imperfect... that it's perfect... get it?
i can attest that it is possible. soulmates. it wasn't just luck that brought us together. he is the one God meant for me to be with. he accepts my weaknesses (which i have to admit is hard, coz i'm a pretty complicated (bratty) person), and i accept his... no matter how difficult! even after shouting matches, and flying celphones (don't even get me started) he still is my best friend and my lover. my prince charming. he's my lobster.

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