A Marriage Based on Friendship

Marriage based on friendship is one that has the strength and power to endure. Passion is important but friendship is strong stuff. Friendship creates a firm security that makes just being together renew your spirit. It’s the place in marriage that’s like a warm blanket on a cold winter night --- a place of serenity, peace, calm and joy. Marriage to your very best friend is the deepest of friendships.

Beverly LaHaye
The Joy of Marriage God’s Way

I just wanted to share this wonderful portion of a book I am reading. Friendship in a marriage is truly a must, though sadly not every marriage is blessed with it (though according to the book, it's never too late to cultivate our friendships with our spouses). I thank God that He sent hubby my way. I mean, who would've thought two entirely different people, with different sense of humor, (when we first met, we didn't get each other's jokes, hehehe) can now share guffaws over of some corny private joke or a trivial anecdote ... I am blessed I now realize. I am blessed with the fact that through God's grace I married my very best friend... =)

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