Our Daughter is a Mover

We are proud parents of a mover. Our daughter had her Moving Up Day a couple of weeks ago. We are so proud of our her. It is true that children are like jewels in a parent's crown. It makes us feel like we did something right... =)

Except for her grandfather, the whole family was there to support her. She received several awards and medals, and she was "most cheerful", now that's the understatement of the century!

From toddler school, she's moving on up to Nursery School. We're all psyched up about it!

Sometimes late at night, when I'm talking to my husband, we still marvel at our daughter. We often gush how our baby is what we've got to show for almost 10 years of marriage. She is our contribution to humankind, so humankind get ready! hahaha...

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