Pancit Canton Nights with Hubby

Instant Pancit Canton may not be very healthy for the kidneys, but it is definitely helps in keeping our relationship strong and healthy!

Some saturdays are our unofficial Pancit Canton nights. Berto would buy 5-6 packages of instant pancit canton and a can of corned tuna (his recipe), cook it and we'd have a cheap but yummy dinner date while watching our favorite movies on HBO.

Who ever said dining with the hubby has to be expensive? What's important is that you get to spend quality moments with you spouse. What's important is that you get to reconnect with him or her and talk about anything and everything to you heart's content.

1 comment:

Sarah Lynn said...

Yummmy I miss Pancit. :) I can order some instant stuff from pilipinomart.com though. :)

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