pork steak disguised as a beef steak... our adventure at kerby's resto

post transferred from my other blog dated 6/9/07

last thursday, hubby and i had lunch at marquinton. after having been on a diet for months now (did i mention he's lost so much weight!... as for me... no comment), he is craving real food. so we decided to try the new resto Kerby's. their sign said that they are offering steaks for as low as P59!

i had the grilled chicken steak which was P59 if you chose the smalltime size and P119 if you preferred the bigtime size. needless to say, i chose bigtime =) although i regretted my decision when my order arrived. my order consisted of 2 pcs of chicken steak, and 1 pc would've been enough for me.

hubby ordered the pork barbecue steak, P179 for bigtime size. both orders came with java rice, soup and salad. we also ordered a grilled chicken salad... a salad with lots of iceberg lettuce and chunks of chicken. yummy! the funny thing was when hubby's order came, it surprisingly looked like beef... and tasted like beef too. we thought that the waiter heard us wrong when we ordered. but when the bill arrived, we were billed for a pork steak. now, we're really not sure if their pork steak was really that good... or the cook made a big mistake... big coz the price diff is pretty big! well, it wasn't our fault.=) anyway, hubby said it was scrumptious! and cooked just the way he likes it, medium, without him even telling the waiter. my husband was really satisfied.

in fairness, their food is good. the soup, the veggie salad, the java rice and the main dishes... the only problem is the dessert, the salad that came with the meal. it was literally a spoonful of fiesta cocktail served on a platito. =) i must admit it was pathetic looking, of course we still ate it. =) dessert is still dessert =)

in the end we were satisfied with our venture to the Kerby's resto, yummy food that's easy on the budget, and easily reached since it's right in the heart of our city, marikina ;)
we're planning to come back again soon =)

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