Pursuing My Dreams of Writing

I have recently decided I will pursue my dreams of being a writer. Thankfully my husband supports me in this endeavor. He understands that I have come to a point in my life where I acknowledge that I am thinking of shifting from a corporate slave to a writing pauper. I have been an accountant for too long! No offense to the noble profession of crunching numbers, but it has never been my interest.

I still didn’t have time and money to actually enroll in a writing class so the first step I took was to purchase textbooks teaching creative writing and essays. Even books can get expensive, so I also tried looking for resources where I can get cheap textbooks. This search led me to the used books online bookstores where there are used magazines and used textbooks for sale. Some copies are badly beaten and dog-eared, but for someone in a tight budget, I can’t really be that choosy. I made do with what’s available and bought a few books that piqued my interest. After all, what’s important is what I can learn from the books and now how they look like.

I have already started reading some of them and I am just giddy with joy! I feel like student again. Hopefully, I can scrounge up enough cash someday to actually enroll to a creative writing class but until then I’ll have to be content with self studying.

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