St. Luke's Hospital-Global City, Intellicare and Hypertension

These three things definitely don’t mix well. This is a fact we found out the hard way. Last night, on our way home from work, hubby complained of a terrible headache. “From a range of 1 to 10, 10 being the most painful, how would you rate your pain?” I asked professionally. We’ve been down this road before; I know the nurse is going to ask this too. “Eight.” was his short reply. My husband is not the complaining kind, that’s how I know that when he says it’s painful, it’s gotta be PAINFUL! His 8 may be a 12 for me (little weakling!)

My husband is hypertensive. The doctor-declared-should-have-daily-drug-maintenance-but-too-stubborn-to-comply kind of hypertensive. That’s why we don’t treat headaches casually. We decided to go to the hospital.
We were still driving along Kalayaan Avenue in Makati City, so we decided to just go back to Global City where a new branch of St. Luke’s Medical Center has just opened. St. Luke’s in Quezon City has always been our official hospital. It has been our go-to place for relief and treatment. We have tried other hospitals for various reasons, but somehow we keep finding ourselves back to familiar path leading to that hospital whenever we seek medicine and healing.

Back to my story, we parked at the basement of the new hospital. We went in and marveled at the clean and oh-so-white walls. They also had a Starbucks, a Rustan’s flower shop and some other “branded” shops inside. Definitely an improvement from SLMC QC’s canteen and food carts. Polite security guards dressed in civilian clothes guided us to the emergency room. It was my first time to see a St. Luke’s emergency room that wasn’t crowded. There was only one other patient in a wheelchair, having an argument/animated discussion with a nurse. I didn’t mind them my concern was to ease my husband’s discomfort. Hubby was asked to seat down and his temperature and blood pressure was taken. I was tasked with filling up the forms. A liaison officer approached me, “will you be using an HMO card?” Hmmm. I smelled trouble. “Yes, Intellicare”. In QC, waving this magic plastic HMO card meant instant access to medical attention and treatment. That is why we go there even with empty wallets. “Ay Ma’am sorry, but this card is not yet accredited here in Global City.” “But…” “HMO’s accredited in the QC branch doesn’t automatically mean they’re accredited here” he cut me off knowing what I was about to say. Apparently, this is a common problem. In fact, the other patient in the wheel chair was having the same problem with her HMO, hence the animated discussion.

“Are you still going to push through with the treatment?” “How much is the emergency room fee?” (Better ask the million dollar question on the onset, than be sorry later) “One thousand pesos po, aside from the other treatments and medicines that the doctor may prescribe”. Eeeeek! We looked at each other deeply, wordlessly asking each other “Do you have money? Will we push through with the check up?” I looked inside my wallet. Haaaay, empty as a bimbo’s brain. Hubby sheepishly said “Honey, come on. I suddenly feel a lot better!” Hehehe. He assured me he was still ok to drive.

We planned on just driving to Medical City in Pasig, where Intellicare is hopefully accredited, but as we neared that hospital he said that maybe he just needed a good night’s sleep, and that he was honestly feeling a little better. He just drank a pain medication previously prescribed to him by his doctor for his migraine. Didn’t I tell you he was stubborn?

We got home safely. He literally dropped on the bed, and was probably asleep even before his head touched the pillow. The next morning I asked him the same question. “Do you still have a headache? From a range of 1 to 10, 10 being the most painful, how would you rate your pain?” “One”. I whispered a short prayer of thanks and happily went on with my day.


Anonymous said...

This is the most amazing topic I read ever.


Anonymous said...

Possibly the top post I have read ever!?

Anonymous said...

haayzz.. another misunderstanding patient. This is the Philippines, not France or Canada or Norway..

Berto and Kwala said...

Hmmm... I wonder what Mr/Mrs Anonymous was talking about... Why was I misunderstanding in this case? I was merely talking about my experience in St. Luke's Global back when it was still new... no bad mouthing... no bad comments... just facts about our experience there... just sayin'

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