Thursday Thirteen: Things I Found Out on Our First Year of Marriage

A former classmate recently got married, and she was gushing about how wonderful married life is.... this got me thinking about my discoveries as a new wife nine years ago... Discoveries about my husband, my role as a wife and married life in general:

1. My husband snores.
2. He is not a morning person, he hits the snooze button a thousand times before getting up. He still does.
3. Nagging works.
4. Pouting and sulking works SOME of the time.
5. He is not big on gifts.
6. He is not too good with hints.
7. Soul mates are real.
8. Having known him for a long time before we got married is definitely an advantage!
9. Life is not perfect, but we can choose to be happy.
10. It makes him smile whenever I refer to him as my ex-boyfriend.
11. He is a better cook than I am, but he still lets me cook when I am in the mood, I cherish this moments because it makes me feel to wifey.
12. He hasn’t accepted the fact that a debate/shouting match with me can lead to one end and one end only, me winning.
13. The honeymoon stage doesn’t necessarily end months after the wedding.

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1 comment:

Sarah Lynn said...

Very cute. :) My hubby snores too. hehe. Just wish we were able to live together in one place. We won't hear back from immigration until May or July for our 2nd step to file paperwork...right now it's just a waiting game.

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