Let's Go For a Swim!

A few days ago, our country recorded a 38.5 degree temperature. Talk about hot! I keep on wanting to pack our bags, head on out to the nearest swimming pool and jump right in. So far, we already gone on two swimming trips,(one in Subic and another in Club Manila East Taytay) and we're thinking of squeezing in one more before the summer ends. The little one has already gotten over her fear of the water and is now practically an amphibian. I've had to check behind her ears a couple of times just to make sure she hasn't grown gills yet. Hubby and I love watching her cavorting in the water! Ahh! the joys of family bonding!

This picture was taken when we were in Subic International Hotel. Our brave little Bea just learned to lublob her cutey little head! haha!


Hot Summer Nights

We must be experiencing a heat wave! It has been exceptionally hot, even for a tropical country such as ours. It has been so hard to sleep at nights. Even if a soak in the shower just before we sleep, I would still wake up late at night soaked in sweat. My husband and daughter feel the same way. What’s worse is that we share the same bed! According to the news, this is brought about by what’s called as the El Nino Phenomenon. The temperatures recently has reached record-breaking high and there have been reports of people suffering from heat stroke.

I really wish we have an air conditioner in our room. Maybe I can talk my hubby into getting one the Sharp Portable Air Conditioners CV-P10MX, it is a portable air conditioner I found through an online shop. It provides quiet cooling and has a stylish and sleek design that would make it blend right in with our other appliances. It can be controlled by remote control so no need to get up in the middle of the night just to adjust the settings. Another important feature is the flexible exhaust hose and window adapter kit that allows window installation and venting of the hot air, while keeping rain and insects out, perfect for a tropical setting. I really hope I can talk my husband into getting one, I could really use a good night’s rest.

Our Latest Baby

Hubby and I have always been into Digital Cameras. We just love shooting and documenting important occasions and everyday life. Between us though, he is more inclined to take “better” pictures. I am content as long as I felt I was able to capture the moment, he however, is concerned about the light and the angle and the subject… that’s why I joked once that maybe we should get one of those BIG cameras so he can study photography. Well that joke has become a reality when we finally got our very own DSLR, a Canon 500D.

Right now we are enrolled in a photography class so we can learn how to operate the camera and to compose better photos. Plus this is another excuse for us to bond over an interest we both share… I hope we can absorb everything then with practice, I’m sure we’ll be taking superb photos in no time.


Remembering Our Wedding

In a few days time, it is already June, and many brides will be able to fulfill their dreams of being June Brides. Aaahh, being a bride, it is the best feeling in the world, besides being a mother of course. I remember our own wedding, the months of preparations and decision making. Right off the bat I knew what I wanted my color motif to be, lilac and silver. My favorite colors. I thought they were feminine and elegant at the same time. My hubby to be was just too happy to oblige.
My favorite part of the wedding preparations was when we were looking for wedding suppliers. I just loved the process of visiting several caterers, florists, bakeshops and of course the printers. I think it was the first major decision we did as an engaged couple, which printer should we choose!

There were many considerations, most important of course was the cost and the quality of service the printers provided. We had very limited budget so we wanted a printer who has reasonable prices. We also wanted a printer who could do High Quality Greeting Card Printing and High Quality Brochure Printing. We planned on getting a lot of materials printed. We wanted our invitations, place cards and even thank you notes to exude elegance and perfection. We even planned of printing our own personalized brochures for menus and program booklets. During the mass, we also wanted to have the mass guide printed so that our guests can participate in the mass proper.

As party favors, we intended to give away CDs that contained our favorite songs and songs that reflected the various stages of our love affair. That is why our printer should be able to do High Quality CD/DVD Sleeve Printing as well.

Looking back, I think our wedding went pretty well. As expected, we went over our budget, but I must say our wedding was certainly memorable, not only to us but among our friends and family as well.

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Camera Shy

One thing hubby and I have in common is our passion for photograpy. As I've often said, i feel that being a wife and mom, I am supposed to document our family's milestones and journeys. That doesn't mean I can't have fun while doing it.

Thankfully, both hubby and I have no qualms at all about goofing it out in front of the camera. I guess you can also consider it as one of our many bonding moments. =)

Hubby and his Facebook Account

Hubby has a facebook account. Actually I created one for him and I have been maintaining it for him too. Recently he’s been getting some ribbing from friends for not knowing how to maintain his own account (or for letting his wife maintain it for him). When he asked me about it, I told him it’s all very easy. If he needs more help, just google facebook how and this will lead him to a site all about the social networking site. I’m sure after reading he’ll be running his own account in no time.

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Still On a High

Some say that a few years after marriage, a couple wakes up one day to find the honeymoon has already ended. The blinders come off and reality sets in… and eventually fights ensue. In our experience, sure there are fights. Well there have been fights even before the wedding, we’re human beings after all, heck we were even fighting the night before the wedding. we laugh about it now, of course.

But the honeymoon doesn’t have to end. Reality will eventually set in. This is a fact and a necessity, but it doesn’t mean that a marriage has to go downhill.

We’ve been married for a long time and yet we’re still happy. We still have bouts of fighting and shouting, followed by hugs and apologies. Let’s just say that our journey together is far from going downhill, in fact I still feel like I’m on a high whenever I’m with my husband and my best friend. Thank God! =)


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So Lucky To Have You

Last week, we celebrated our 9th anniversary. As I always say, our relationship is far from perfect. It’s just that we’re so perfectly imperfect together. We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We have been each other’s best friend. We are often thinking of the same thing, sometimes say things at the same time, and we can finish each other’s sentences. We get each other’s jokes, we get each other’s ever changing goals and aspirations. With you, I have known how it is to be loved unconditionally. With you I know how it is to be accepted for who and what I am. With you I can be honest, be true and know that I will still be loved. With you, I feel I am safe. With you I have a home.

I am so grateful for the years together. I thank God for being blessed with a best friend and husband like you. He knows how unstable I can get, so He sent me you…

Here’s to hoping we get to grow old together. We’ve been together through most our lives and have been journeying and learning together… may we continue to do this till our last breath leaves our bodies… and hopefully even beyond that.

Happy anniversary Berto. I Love You.
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