Hot Summer Nights

We must be experiencing a heat wave! It has been exceptionally hot, even for a tropical country such as ours. It has been so hard to sleep at nights. Even if a soak in the shower just before we sleep, I would still wake up late at night soaked in sweat. My husband and daughter feel the same way. What’s worse is that we share the same bed! According to the news, this is brought about by what’s called as the El Nino Phenomenon. The temperatures recently has reached record-breaking high and there have been reports of people suffering from heat stroke.

I really wish we have an air conditioner in our room. Maybe I can talk my hubby into getting one the Sharp Portable Air Conditioners CV-P10MX, it is a portable air conditioner I found through an online shop. It provides quiet cooling and has a stylish and sleek design that would make it blend right in with our other appliances. It can be controlled by remote control so no need to get up in the middle of the night just to adjust the settings. Another important feature is the flexible exhaust hose and window adapter kit that allows window installation and venting of the hot air, while keeping rain and insects out, perfect for a tropical setting. I really hope I can talk my husband into getting one, I could really use a good night’s rest.

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