Let's Go For a Swim!

A few days ago, our country recorded a 38.5 degree temperature. Talk about hot! I keep on wanting to pack our bags, head on out to the nearest swimming pool and jump right in. So far, we already gone on two swimming trips,(one in Subic and another in Club Manila East Taytay) and we're thinking of squeezing in one more before the summer ends. The little one has already gotten over her fear of the water and is now practically an amphibian. I've had to check behind her ears a couple of times just to make sure she hasn't grown gills yet. Hubby and I love watching her cavorting in the water! Ahh! the joys of family bonding!

This picture was taken when we were in Subic International Hotel. Our brave little Bea just learned to lublob her cutey little head! haha!

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Sarah Lynn said...

I heard it's been really HOT there this summer! My hubby keeps getting headaches from the heat, he doesn't have an aircon in his room. Looks like you guys had fun!

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