Remembering Our Wedding

In a few days time, it is already June, and many brides will be able to fulfill their dreams of being June Brides. Aaahh, being a bride, it is the best feeling in the world, besides being a mother of course. I remember our own wedding, the months of preparations and decision making. Right off the bat I knew what I wanted my color motif to be, lilac and silver. My favorite colors. I thought they were feminine and elegant at the same time. My hubby to be was just too happy to oblige.
My favorite part of the wedding preparations was when we were looking for wedding suppliers. I just loved the process of visiting several caterers, florists, bakeshops and of course the printers. I think it was the first major decision we did as an engaged couple, which printer should we choose!

There were many considerations, most important of course was the cost and the quality of service the printers provided. We had very limited budget so we wanted a printer who has reasonable prices. We also wanted a printer who could do High Quality Greeting Card Printing and High Quality Brochure Printing. We planned on getting a lot of materials printed. We wanted our invitations, place cards and even thank you notes to exude elegance and perfection. We even planned of printing our own personalized brochures for menus and program booklets. During the mass, we also wanted to have the mass guide printed so that our guests can participate in the mass proper.

As party favors, we intended to give away CDs that contained our favorite songs and songs that reflected the various stages of our love affair. That is why our printer should be able to do High Quality CD/DVD Sleeve Printing as well.

Looking back, I think our wedding went pretty well. As expected, we went over our budget, but I must say our wedding was certainly memorable, not only to us but among our friends and family as well.

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