So Lucky To Have You

Last week, we celebrated our 9th anniversary. As I always say, our relationship is far from perfect. It’s just that we’re so perfectly imperfect together. We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We have been each other’s best friend. We are often thinking of the same thing, sometimes say things at the same time, and we can finish each other’s sentences. We get each other’s jokes, we get each other’s ever changing goals and aspirations. With you, I have known how it is to be loved unconditionally. With you I know how it is to be accepted for who and what I am. With you I can be honest, be true and know that I will still be loved. With you, I feel I am safe. With you I have a home.

I am so grateful for the years together. I thank God for being blessed with a best friend and husband like you. He knows how unstable I can get, so He sent me you…

Here’s to hoping we get to grow old together. We’ve been together through most our lives and have been journeying and learning together… may we continue to do this till our last breath leaves our bodies… and hopefully even beyond that.

Happy anniversary Berto. I Love You.

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