Still On a High

Some say that a few years after marriage, a couple wakes up one day to find the honeymoon has already ended. The blinders come off and reality sets in… and eventually fights ensue. In our experience, sure there are fights. Well there have been fights even before the wedding, we’re human beings after all, heck we were even fighting the night before the wedding. we laugh about it now, of course.

But the honeymoon doesn’t have to end. Reality will eventually set in. This is a fact and a necessity, but it doesn’t mean that a marriage has to go downhill.

We’ve been married for a long time and yet we’re still happy. We still have bouts of fighting and shouting, followed by hugs and apologies. Let’s just say that our journey together is far from going downhill, in fact I still feel like I’m on a high whenever I’m with my husband and my best friend. Thank God! =)

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