Berto Likes Mocha, Kwala Likes Latte

My husband and I both love to drink coffee, the only difference is that I can drink all the coffee I want, while the hubby is not supposed to drink any thanks to his hypertension. For the longest time, the hubby was a good boy and stayed away from coffee but when Nescafe promoted the cold instant coffee in a can served cold… just had to try them. Hubby has always been partial to mocha (coffee mixed with chocolate) so that’s what he bought; while I have always latte (coffee mixed with milk), even in Starbucks so that’s what I got.

Our verdict: it was an affordable way to get a yummy coffee fix. Too bad there wasn’t enough caffeine in it though, I didn’t feel the caffeine rush. My advice, the next time you feel the urge to hop on over to the nearest cafĂ© offering some gourmet coffee that your budget just won’t allow, just go to the nearest convenience store, buy a Nescafe in Can, ask for a straw and sip away as if you’re drinking Iced Mocha or Iced Latte. Tastes almost the same.

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