Learn the Common Wine Terminologies

We drink our wine and describe the taste as either sweet or sour. Did you know that describing a wine as sour is actually bad and insulting? Saying a wine is sour is saying that the wine is spoiled. How else can we describe the distinct taste? My husband and I are no experts. Here are some of the terminologies wine makers and wine lovers use to describe the aromas, flavors and characteristics of the wines:

Body- may be light to heavy or full. This is the weight and tactile impression of the wine to the palate.

Clean – used to describe wine without disagreeable aromas and taste.

Dry – means there is no sugar or sweetness in the taste.

Acidity – natural fruity acids that gives a tart, crisp taste to the wine.

Fruity – expresses the obvious fruit aromas and flavors.

Bouquet – the aroma from winemaking, aging and bottle age.

As easy it is to get lost in the complicated vocabulary used by wine experts, we should always remember that the wine experience is subjective. The best wine we can ever taste is not necessarily the most expensive one, it can easily be the cheap wine, drank at the picnic while surrounded by people you love. Go ahead and enjoy the wine of your choice, and don’t let any snooty expert dictate your opinion.

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