A Midnight Trip to the Hospital

A couple of days ago, hubby complained of a toothache. He tried his best to endure the pain however, a few days after, the pain became too much to bear. He took mefenamic acid medicine only to have temporary relief. A few minutes later, the pain was back. It came to a point when the ache was just too much he was literally writhing in agony. Tears formed in his eyes as his face contorted in pain. We tried several homemade remedy like gargling in warm water and rubbing the infected gums with garlic, to no avail. I suggested we go to the emergency room, just so he can be given something to ease the pain, he agreed immediately. This is so not like him. I know he’d rather stay out of the hospital, and for him to agree to go so easily, it must really hurt! Already in our night clothes, we hopped on the car and drove to the nearest intellicare-accredited hospital: the Garcia Hospital , Marikina .

When we arrived there was another patient, a little baby crying his lungs out. Everybody was busy with him. A nurse finally noticed us and asked my husband to lie down on the next bed. Sadly, the said bed was in a miserable state, with blood stains (!) on the sheets. Hubby, who was still in so much pain had to other choice but lie down, but just before his head touched the pillow, he was able to turn it on the side. Hopefully the previous patient’s head didn’t touch that surface.

I tried to explain to the nurse that he was in a lot of pain, and that I am concerned because of his hypertension. They measured his blood pressure, 140/90, pretty high considering he has just taken his hypertension meds. It took us a couple more minutes before they finally gave him a shot of pain reliever. It was just frustrating because I could see the doctors and nurses just milling around, not even pretending to hurry to address the patients complaint. Not even hubby’s thrashin body can push them to move faster.

After what seemed ages, hubby’s face started to relax. At last, the meds are working. The doctor approached us to give us a prescription: antibiotic (3 times a day for 7 days) and pain medication (as needed).

Hubby was still groggy from the shot they gave him so he had to drive slowly. We stopped by the nearby drugstore to buy the prescribed medicines. Then we went home.

My husband is a big, strong man, and it seems ironic that a toothache can reduce him to tears. He is still taking his medications. He is scheduled to go to the dentist next week. The tooth is still aching; hopefully the antibiotic eases the infection and eventually the pain. Thankfully, he hasn’t cried about his tooth since that fateful night.


Sarah Lynn said...

Hope he feels better soon. Toothaches are no fun. I can't believe the conditions of the room they made him lie down in. But there's definitely differences between hospitals here and there.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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