Our New Venture is as Perfect as a Picture

Maybe this is the path we’re supposed to take… Apparently you can teach old dogs new tricks, at 34 we’re no spring chicken anymore but we definitely are learning new tricks.
Last year, hubby and I launched our digital photography and photobooth rental business. Call it fate, but last year everything just fell into place. First we got our very own DSLR, purely for personal use only. Hubby became interested in taking pictures and I have always loved documenting our daily lives. Our digicam is like a third limb to me. Having a precocious little toddler, lugging a camera around with me every waking moment is a must. It seemed only natural to eventually buy a DSLR so we could take “prettier” pictures.

Next, we enrolled in Leo Castillo’s photography class. This class came highly recommended by my sister, and we eventually understood why. His teaching style is simple and endearing. He assumes that no one knows anything… as in. So DSLR newbies like us didn’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed at all.

After the class, a friend offered to sell me his barely-used DSLR, the exact same model we already had, we went ahead and bought it since the price is totally worth it!
Then sometime last year, I started channeling “The Secret” and wanted to attract infinite wealth. I wondered what business we could get into. It must be something we love. I love books, but I can’t think of any business I could do with books. Hubby loved cars. I started thinking about selling car parts on the net. While I was surfing the net looking for samples of other online business we could get into, I chanced upon an ad about photo coverages. Hmmm. We could do that. I mean we had the gadgets and the know-how. How hard could that be? So we launched ads on the net saying we were offering digital photo coverage. 2 photographers for the price of one. Business started coming in!
Then one day as I was surfing the net, and I saw ads about photobooths. Hmmm. We could do that too… And we did. We put together a booth in no time and launched ads saying we are now also offering photobooth rentals for different occasions. We made a killing last December since Christmas parties and reunions happened left and right.
I can really say that this business of ours is guided. I feel that everything just fell into place. A big plus is that we are doing something that hubby and I both really like. Here’s to our new business, may it flourish and expand more this year!

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