Dinner at Buddy's

Yesterday, Berto and I decided to dine at Buddy’s at Makati. We ordered the Pancit Lucban (P155), Budin (P55) and the Lumpiang Ubod (P70). I also wanted to try out the Longganisang Lucban but I reminded myself that I’d have to eat rice too, and I really need to lessen my food intake during dinner…This can be such a test on my conviction. Eating is one of the many things my husband and I have in common. Hence, the constant need to lose weight!

Berto suggested that instead of putting kalamansi on our pancit, we should try the suka (vinegar) instead. We were not disappointed! The vinegar had been mixed with other spices, and the resulting taste is just right. Mixed with the pancit, the distinct flavor is released adding to the yummy experience.

The lumpiang ubod was so good too! It tasted naturally sweet. Unlike other lumpia we’ve tasted, it didn’t rely on the sugar sprinkled on top for the sweetness. The natural taste of the fresh ubod is just perfect. A crushed peanut bar is placed on top instead of the usual crushed peanuts.

For dessert, we opted for Buddy’s famous budin, a delicious cassava cake that gives you value for your money. It is affordable at only 55 but can serve up to 4 people. My tummy was able to accommodate only 1 slice, Berto had to chomp down the rest. He pretended to complain at first, but then happily finished off our budin.


New Wedding Rings to Celebrate our Wedding Anniversary

10 years ago, we bought our wedding rings at Sta Cruz, Ongpin Manila. Good thing my husband is so familiar with Manila, we didn’t have a hard time looking for a “good” and “trustworthy” shop. (Beware there are a lot of shops out there looking to fool shoppers) We knew exactly what we were looking for: a simple band made of yellow (Saudi) gold. This design is similar to my parents’ wedding rings. Hubby also liked the design. We found a shop which not only sold, but also made the jewelry. They assured us that we will be getting a ring that is made with 100% gold as compared to other shops that sell “gold rings” but are actually just gold plated and is actually just steel inside. They even went on to show us a cross section of a wedding ring they made to prove that it was all gold through and through. Our rings cost us 7,000 for the pair. We just loved it!

Fast forward to the present, we haven’t been wearing our wedding rings for a while due to a few reasons. #1 through the years, our fingers have grown too fat… #2 most of our jewelry and watches are made of silver/white gold/steel. The yellow tint of our wedding rings didn’t blend well.

To celebrate our anniversary, my husband and I decided to start wearing our rings again. What better way to celebrate our union as husband and wife than to start wearing the very thing that symbolized our marriage. We had to have our rings resized.

Let me digress, we had 2 pairs of wedding rings. A few years before our church wedding, we already had our civil wedding and we had our simple (thin) gold bands from that wedding. Then, we also had the rings from our church wedding. We decided that it really was no use keeping 2 sets of similar looking wedding rings. So we decided to combine the two rings into one, and as an afterthought, we also decided to add a solitary diamond on each ring to celebrate the past decade that we’ve been together.

We found a wonderful jewelry shop in Shoppesville, Greenhills, Bernardo Jewelry(?). A woman was kind enough to assist us and even gave us discounts on top of the already reasonable price. It cost us another 12,000 to have all the adjustments made, since they had to add a few grams of their 24k gold. The result was just wonderful! Our rings looked new! All shiny and heavy and sparkly!

On the day of our anniversary, we attended mass. After the mass, we were blessed by the priest, he also blessed our rings. He was amused that we still had our original rings and that they still seem new. Hehehe =) We placed our rings on each other’s fingers in front of the priest the way we did 10 years ago, with a whisper of hope and love from our lips and a promise of forever from our hearts.

Happy Anniversary Hunny!

Last Wednesday, my husband and I celebrated our 10th year anniversary. Whew! Where have all the years gone? It seems only yesterday when we were fretting about which catering service to get for the wedding. Hahaha! More on how we celebrated our anniversary… soon! ( have to go to church now with the family)
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