Computer Classes for Me

Last April, I decided to enroll myself in a computer class. It has always been a dream of mine to finally get formal training in photoshop. I was self-taught and considering that I am not the world’s greatest teacher, this leaves me with a lot more to learn. I was initially intrigued with the concept of digital scrapbooking. I saw a lot of mommy bloggers getting into it big time so I also wanted to join the bandwagon. Apparently you had to know something about photoshop or corel to do this, so I went ahead and bought a book about photoshop and digital scrapbooking. It has been my therapy ever since.

Last October, I decided I wanted to learn more. I called up First Academy of Computer Arts to inquire and learned that photoshop classes don’t come cheap. They had this course that my “advisor” recommended, Graphic Design which is just a more impressive way of saying basic and advanced photoshop. It costs more than Php20,000. I almost dropped the phone. I shoved that idea at the very back of my head, along with liposuction and singing lessons. It was just not practical! Dishing out that much money only so that I can make prettier scrapbook pages.

Fast forward to March. We already launched our digital photography and photobooth rental business, BK Pixels. I have been creating layouts for our photobooth for months and it has been such a fun but painful process. It would take me hours to come up with a measly mediocre layout. I needed help. I am officially the artist (naks!) in our business. If you told my younger self that people will pay me in the future for my artistic prowess, my younger self would’ve died laughing and I wouldn’t be here anymore. I didn’t want to let my business partner/husband/best friend/prince charming down. I wanted to come up with better layouts and processed pictures for our business. I figured it would be an investment, plus I’d also get to make prettier scrapbook pages. Hence another call to my “advisor”.

Fast forward to June. Classes finally started. It has been 2 sessions already and I have to say, I am having fun! My classes are 6-9pm after work. I get to class with caffeine furiously coursing through my veins to keep awake because sometimes even my enthusiasm is not enough to keep my energy levels up. After 3 hours of dragging, selecting and ctrl-alt-clicking, I drag my bum off my ergonomic chair and fling myself into the open arms of my husband waiting outside the classroom. Even my weary body will agree though, I am learning a lot!

Later we’ll be having our third class, and my instructor will be checking our very first homework. Gee I feel like a grade schooler again. Hahaha. I’m excited! I just need some more caffeine to get that photoshopping mojo going.

For those interested in taking classes, contact my school:

First Academy of Computer Arts
2/F Saville Bldg. 8728 Paseo de Roxas Ave. cor. Sen Gil Puyat (Buendia) Ave., Makati City, Philippines
Telephone:+632 8982724 to 26 | +632 5015144
TeleFax:+632 8975502

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