In Sickness and In Health

This is what Berto and I promised each other when we got married... we'd tough it through together in sickness and in health. Lately though it's been more 'in sickness' than 'in health'. Fever, cough and colds have made the rounds in our family. Even the little one is coughing and sniffling... My lungs is more phlegmic than I'd care to share... breathing alone is such a task.

This too shall pass as they say... hopefully soon.


Photo Hunt: Bliss

This is my bliss: reading my e-book reader with a cup of premium brewed coffee from Mc Cafe. In this picture though instead of including a picture of an actual cup of coffee i just included the coffee key chain/bag tag I bought from Mcdonald's.

I am at my happiest when i get to read in peace in a quiet corner sipping hot coffee. This has been my secret for the past few weeks. During my lunch break, i would walk to a specific Mcdonald's branch (the one faaar from my office) where there is little chance of me bumping into anyone i know, buy a coffee and read undisturbed for 30 minutes. No calls, no emails, no bosses… just me and my books and caffeine.

After my blissful 30 minutes, I'd walk my way back to the office. Thirty minutes of peace and quiet is enough to rejuvenate me for the rest of the day.

Too bad Berto couldn't join me... that would've made everything perfect!

Come join the Saturday Photo Hunt!


Kodak's Troubles

Eastman Kodak Co, the photography icon that invented the hand-held camera, has filed for bankruptcy. Though the official filing of Chapter 11 still came as a shock to most... we all saw how kodak was heading that way for some time now. It failed to compete with its fast rising market opponents.

Read more about my thoughts on Kodak here.


Pancakes for Dinner

Breakfast fare for dinner? Thank God for Pancake House for making breakfast available the whole day through. While waiting for the hubby Berto to finish with his work I stayed at Pancake House in Greenbelt, but not before hopping over to National Bookstore to buy something to read.

Ever since I bought a Kindle, I told myself I will never buy a book again just for the sake of satisfying a need to read while eating alone. I said buying Kendra the Kindle will be more practical in the end since I will no longer make the unnecessary stops at the bookstore to buy something to read while eating. I end up not finishing most of them anyway. Once I'm done with my meal... the book is dropped into the abyss we call our car's back seat/trunk.

Then I forget Kendra at home... just when I needed to wait for hubby...with nothing to do but eat... alone.

Rushed to the bookstore and grabbed on the nearest paperback they had on sale, which happened to be Fallen by Lauren Kate.

That book didn't fare well either. Once I finished up my banana walnut pancake and coffee... hubby picked me up, we got to the car and.. well.. it went to book oblivion along with the others... hay.

Note to self: Never leave home without the kindle.


A Simple Yet Very Touching Wedding at the Sulu Riviera Hotel

We started the year with a wedding. BK Pixels Photography We were contacted by Michael saying he wanted to avail of our photo coverage services for their civil wedding the next day, January 6, 2012, a friday. Too bad I had to go to work. Luckily, Berto was available.

It was a civil wedding and the venue was the Sulu Riviera Hotel in Quezon City, very near the Quezon City Hall. Hubby took along our assistant, R. Berto arrived there ahead of time so he can look for wonderful spots where he can take the couple's pictures. Although this is not our first time to cover a wedding at the Sulu Riviera Hotel. Last year we also covered Jessie and Sandra's renewal of vows at the same hotel.

Here are some photos taken at that event:

Here's to a booming photography business this year and onwards!

Visit our site: www.bkpixels.com
Need a photobooth for your party? We also rent one out: BK Pixels Photobooth


Zing!... Zing a Zong...

Just got home. Had to stay late at work… for the sake of month-end reports. Had to survive on Nacho Chips and Coke Zero courtesy of 7-11. Hubby had his usual siopao and gulp combo. I feel so tired.

Times like these remind me of food that make me feel better...I would love to gulp down some of that healthy and yummy fruit juice, Zing! Juice. We had some the last time we were in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell. Apparently, it’s 100% all natural fruit juices and smoothies. Just what I need after a loooong day from work. Something cool and refreshing to drive away the workday’s worries and stress.



It has been a while since i last posted. I know... I know... I've written these words so much if this blog were twitter it'd be trending already. It's the truth though. Funny how life works out. Just when I've decided to go one way, life really does throw you the most unexpected curve ball.. the strongest one too. Serves me right  I guess, for thinking that i am the boss of me...

 I guess i am truly the world's biggest contradiction. Much like my fave Starbucks mug (from my sis), shown here brewing my fave brand of tea, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (from the hubby).

I'll post a more coherent blog post soon i promise.

It's 2012... and I am back!
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