Pancakes for Dinner

Breakfast fare for dinner? Thank God for Pancake House for making breakfast available the whole day through. While waiting for the hubby Berto to finish with his work I stayed at Pancake House in Greenbelt, but not before hopping over to National Bookstore to buy something to read.

Ever since I bought a Kindle, I told myself I will never buy a book again just for the sake of satisfying a need to read while eating alone. I said buying Kendra the Kindle will be more practical in the end since I will no longer make the unnecessary stops at the bookstore to buy something to read while eating. I end up not finishing most of them anyway. Once I'm done with my meal... the book is dropped into the abyss we call our car's back seat/trunk.

Then I forget Kendra at home... just when I needed to wait for hubby...with nothing to do but eat... alone.

Rushed to the bookstore and grabbed on the nearest paperback they had on sale, which happened to be Fallen by Lauren Kate.

That book didn't fare well either. Once I finished up my banana walnut pancake and coffee... hubby picked me up, we got to the car and.. well.. it went to book oblivion along with the others... hay.

Note to self: Never leave home without the kindle.

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

I love pancake house's choco chip, blueberry or caramel banana walnut pancakes <3

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