Dinner at Chili's Greenbelt 5

Two weeks ago, I met with some friends for dinner and laughter. Berto just dropped me off Riverbanks since he had a photography gig to attend to. I had to wait for more than an hour at Tropical Hut but I didn't get bored. I came prepared with my Kindle. I just ordered mais con yelo (with ice cream) and read Heart of a Killer by Jaci Burton while waiting for my friends.

When my friends finally arrived, we set off our journey to Makati. Well the original plan was to go to Manila for the sunset cruise, but traffic was so horrible that we decided to have dinner in Makati instead.

We decided to dine at Chili's Greenbelt 5.

Shrimp Alfredo - P525 with option to add different ingredients
Addtl Chicken - P90
Addtl Beef - P150
Addtl S. Mushroom - P150
Addtl Bacon - P65

Buffalo Wings - P395

Tostada Chips (w/ unlimited refill) - P320

After dinner, instead of going to the usual coffee place, we decided to try the ice cream place Gelatissimo also in Greenbelt 5. I wasn't in the mood for ice cream though so lucky for me they also served coffee. =)

All in all, it was a fun night of reminiscing and planning our next get-together. Good food with great friends, what more can I ask for?


We are now on Tumblr

As if maintaining my blogs aren't enough, I also opened an account in Tumblr... not just for me but for hubby as well, although I doubt if hubby will ever get to post anything there by himself. I just thought I'd set up an account where we can post random stuff without worrying about page ranks, key words or blog hits, because I must admit, I have a tendency to obsess about these things. Ahhh such freedom!

Pay us a visit and follow us if you have time: Kwala Bear's Playpen and I am Berto. =)



Moroccan Orange and Carrot Salad

Last year, I attended a Team Building Seminar sponsored by the office. We went to some place in Batangas. You guys will notice my intense interest in the event as evidenced by the fact that I can’t even remember the name of the venue, posh and upscale as it was. We were supposed to develop our camaraderie along with our decision-making and leadership skills. The whole day though, all I was thinking about was how I was missing a family gathering. Only Berto and our daughter was able to attend =(

One thing I did take home with me was the thought of the delicious salad they served us during lunch. It was a Moroccan Orange and Carrot Salad. My officemates hated it, as much as they hated the tomato soup they gave us. (Told you it was upscale).But I loved it. I couldn’t get it out of my head. When I got home, I kept on bugging Berto to make it for me, but salads aren’t his forte, neither are citrus fruits… so he ignored me. One day I just felt I had to have some, so I made it myself… I must say I was pretty satisfied with the final outcome. I, however, couldn’t speak for the rest of my family.

I made the simpler version. Here's the recipe:


3 oranges
3 big carrots, peeled
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp sugar
pinch salt

mint leaves, small whole or large roughly chopped

Segment the orange over a bowl to catch the juice. Remove the seeds and squeeze the remains of the orange juice into another bowl.

Peel and grate the carrots. You may also opt to julienne the carrots. Toss the carrots with the orange juice. Add the lemon juice, sugar, and a small pinch of salt. Stir well to combine. If you are making this ahead of time, cover and refrigerate the carrot mixture until ready to serve.

Just before serving, drain off the accumulated juice from the oranges and arrange the segments around the edge of the serving dish. Toss the julienned carrots, place in the center and top with the mint leaves. Dust the oranges lightly with a little extra cinnamon.

This is a nutritious salad dish that's so easy to prepare. Definitely a must try!


Happy Anniversary PM!

I first encountered Prinsesa’s Anatomy through a friend’s blog. I was then looking for interesting blogs to add to my blogroll, when I chanced upon her post about a book review of David Sedaris’ Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. Actually what first attracted me was the cute photo that came along with the blog post. A simple picture of a mug on top of a book, on a divan by the garden. I just loved the laid-back feel it presented! 
                                                         Photo from Prinsesa's Anatomy

Anyway back to the post, I loved the way PM shared her thoughts about the book, simple, witty, straight forward. I got so intrigued with the book and the author just because of PM’s post that I bugged my hubby to buy me a copy! Of course Berto argued that I still had a ton of unread books scattered everywhere… so as a compromise, he ended up buying me the ebook copy for my kindle. =)

Since then, I’ve added her to my list of interesting people to read and have been silently stalking her blog ever since. Although I profess my fondness for her blog, hubby on the other hand, detests it. He blames PM’s blog for the other kindle books I’ve nudged (nagged) him into buying me. Hahaha!

Happy fourth anniversary Prinsesa’s Anatomy! I’m looking forward to more fun reads and anectodes from you!


Photo Hunt: Point

This week's photo hunt theme is Point. This is a picture Berto and I took when we went to JE Camp in Sampaloc, Tanay Rizal. Our Photo Booth was rented for a wedding, after all photo booth pictures are wonderful as wedding souvenirs.

We were there for work but we were enamored with the picturesque view on the way to the venue. Everything looked so green and fresh, so relaxing. The way there was full of zigzags, thankfully we had these road signs to "point" and guide us to the right way.

Join the weekly Photo Hunt here!

Sebastian's Ice Cream

Hubby went off to a photo coverage gig this afternoon. He covered a cutie jungle safari themed birthday party at Valle Verde 1 Clubhouse in QC. Thankfully our assistant was available to join him. I, on the other hand, met with some friends for dinner and some coffee and ice cream at Gelatissimo, Greenbelt 5 in Makati City.

Being the caffeine chaser that I am, I opted to have coffee instead of ice cream, but as I watched my friends lick and "mmmm...." their way through their cold treats, I remember the ice cream hubby and I had a few months back. It was called Sebastian Ice Cream from The Block in SM North Edsa. They have delicious and unique flavors to choose from. When comes to food, hubby is not the adventurous type, he is more inclined to choose the tried and tested flavors, so that time he chose the rich and creamy Chocolates Anonymous.

I had the yummy Fro-Ya flavor, which was short for Frozen Yakult. The cold and creamy delight was actually made of 100% pure Yakult, as in the lactobacillus shirota strain! hahaha! I used to gulp it down when I was a kid, then I had the chance to eat some by the scoop!

If you guys ever feel the serious need to get some delicious ice cream, go and check out Sebastian's Ice Cream. They have scooping stations at:

The Block, SM North Edsa
3rd floor, near Cinema Ticket booth
Quezon City
0927 290 1633

Podium Mall,
4th floor, near escalator
ADB Avenue, Ortigas
0927 453 7426

COLD COMFORT Ice Cream Parlor
SM Mall of Asia
New Entertainment Mall, 2nd Floor
(near IMAX exit)
0915 489 5753

Try out their best selling flavors:

Cookie Dough
Macadamia White
Butter Pecan
Up All Night
Blueberry Cheesecake
Mango Sansrival
Salted Butter Caramel


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to every body! It’s that one day when girls have the excuse to expect (demand) flowers and guys are give n  the courage to give gifts to girl(s) they like! =)

Even a girl married ten years to her high school sweetheart still appreciates the tokens of love from her man… When the need to impress and the pretensions of courtship is replaced by concerns for bills and school projects and tuition fees ( a.k.a. the married life) one leans towards the more practical, but romance shouldn’t be sacrificed in a marriage, no matter how long you’ve been married.

Yesterday, Feb 14, I really appreciated the effort Berto made to surprise me when I went for my usual coffee escape on my lunch hour, He was there waiting for me, with a single white rose, when I arrived. No frills, no loud professions of love, just him smiling sheepishly, clasping a single white rose, patiently waiting for me. 10 years married with me has taught him that I always make a show of how I say that I find the sky-high prices of roses scandalous, yet secretly hope I get some on VDay… haha… ok, so girls are complicated..stop the presses!!  

Anyway, Happy Heart’s Day to all the couples, non-couples, soon-to-be-couples, soon-to-be-single, happily single people out there. Find your happiness. Everyone has a heart (at least physically) so technically, this day is for everyone! =)


Do What You Love

Steve Jobs has repeatedly shared with us the secret to his success: Do what you love! Follow your passion!

I have always been practical. Following your passion is a luxury for dreamers. I need to what i need to do. To pay the bills... to settle the obligations... to be the good girl that I was raised up to be... I have always thought that... until I've reached this point.

Do what your love...I will, hopefully soon.


Marikina Date Night: Dinner at Cafe Lidia and Safe House at SM Marikina

This Saturday, we had no scheduled shoot or photo booth rental. We were free to stay home and bond with our family. For lunch, Berto prepared one of my favorite dishes, Guinisang Kalabasa. He also served corn soup with little quail eggs for our daughter.Thankfully, my sister also got to stay home for lunch. It is such a rare thing nowadays, for us the whole family to be complete around the dining table. The little one was elated!

After lunch, we rested for a bit then Berto and I went out for some "us" time. First we dropped by Cafe Lidia in Calumpang Marikina City. We have been craving for their Bufallo Wings, Garlic Three Cheese Pizza and Chicken Pesto Pasta. No we didn't ask friends along, the food was for the two of us only! Har har! All these even after a hearty lunch! We topped the gastronomic experience with a Mudpie Madness Cobbler, which is basically a scoop of chocolate and vanilla with generous portions of cookie crumbs and caramel syrup! Super yummy! And to thing everything only cost us about P600!

We decided to see a movie after our early dinner. It was hard to choose which among the currently shown movies in SM Marikina we'll go and see. There was The Vow by Channing Tatum, Chronicles and Safe House by Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. Safe House won, and this is a good thing for the movie did not let us down.

I have loved Ryan Reynolds ever since I followed his sitcom Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place. I love his wit and humor... and the way he delivers his lines. The fact that he has a handsome face and well-sculpted body doesn't hurt either.

The plot was fairly simple, about the CIA and how they tend to screw everyone over, you know the usual stuff. I love how Ryan Reynolds portrayed the character of a newbie agent, still idealistic and untainted, and how he interacted with Denzel Washington's character as a jaded and conniving rogue agent. Action scenes left us breathless, most characters dropped like flies! The movie kept me and hubby at the edge of our seats. Drama wasn't sappy, instead was sincere and heartfelt. Plus it was a happy ending.

Date night was so much fun for us, especially so since our last date night was months ago. Lately we have been so caught up with growing our photography business. =)

As they say, all work and no play make husband and wife crabby and grouchy! Haha! Here's to more date nights to come!
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