Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to every body! It’s that one day when girls have the excuse to expect (demand) flowers and guys are give n  the courage to give gifts to girl(s) they like! =)

Even a girl married ten years to her high school sweetheart still appreciates the tokens of love from her man… When the need to impress and the pretensions of courtship is replaced by concerns for bills and school projects and tuition fees ( a.k.a. the married life) one leans towards the more practical, but romance shouldn’t be sacrificed in a marriage, no matter how long you’ve been married.

Yesterday, Feb 14, I really appreciated the effort Berto made to surprise me when I went for my usual coffee escape on my lunch hour, He was there waiting for me, with a single white rose, when I arrived. No frills, no loud professions of love, just him smiling sheepishly, clasping a single white rose, patiently waiting for me. 10 years married with me has taught him that I always make a show of how I say that I find the sky-high prices of roses scandalous, yet secretly hope I get some on VDay… haha… ok, so girls are complicated..stop the presses!!  

Anyway, Happy Heart’s Day to all the couples, non-couples, soon-to-be-couples, soon-to-be-single, happily single people out there. Find your happiness. Everyone has a heart (at least physically) so technically, this day is for everyone! =)


Sarah Lynn said...

So sweet! Happy Valentines Day. This was the 1st year my husband & I have actually spent Valentines Day together in the same place! <3

Kwala said...

Thanks Sarah Lynn! I'm sure you had a wonderful time celebrating with FB! =)

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