Marikina Date Night: Dinner at Cafe Lidia and Safe House at SM Marikina

This Saturday, we had no scheduled shoot or photo booth rental. We were free to stay home and bond with our family. For lunch, Berto prepared one of my favorite dishes, Guinisang Kalabasa. He also served corn soup with little quail eggs for our daughter.Thankfully, my sister also got to stay home for lunch. It is such a rare thing nowadays, for us the whole family to be complete around the dining table. The little one was elated!

After lunch, we rested for a bit then Berto and I went out for some "us" time. First we dropped by Cafe Lidia in Calumpang Marikina City. We have been craving for their Bufallo Wings, Garlic Three Cheese Pizza and Chicken Pesto Pasta. No we didn't ask friends along, the food was for the two of us only! Har har! All these even after a hearty lunch! We topped the gastronomic experience with a Mudpie Madness Cobbler, which is basically a scoop of chocolate and vanilla with generous portions of cookie crumbs and caramel syrup! Super yummy! And to thing everything only cost us about P600!

We decided to see a movie after our early dinner. It was hard to choose which among the currently shown movies in SM Marikina we'll go and see. There was The Vow by Channing Tatum, Chronicles and Safe House by Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. Safe House won, and this is a good thing for the movie did not let us down.

I have loved Ryan Reynolds ever since I followed his sitcom Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place. I love his wit and humor... and the way he delivers his lines. The fact that he has a handsome face and well-sculpted body doesn't hurt either.

The plot was fairly simple, about the CIA and how they tend to screw everyone over, you know the usual stuff. I love how Ryan Reynolds portrayed the character of a newbie agent, still idealistic and untainted, and how he interacted with Denzel Washington's character as a jaded and conniving rogue agent. Action scenes left us breathless, most characters dropped like flies! The movie kept me and hubby at the edge of our seats. Drama wasn't sappy, instead was sincere and heartfelt. Plus it was a happy ending.

Date night was so much fun for us, especially so since our last date night was months ago. Lately we have been so caught up with growing our photography business. =)

As they say, all work and no play make husband and wife crabby and grouchy! Haha! Here's to more date nights to come!

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