Photos, a Sari-sari Store, and the Quezon Memorial Circle

Last month, Berto and I went on a photowalk to the nearby park, the Quezon Memorial Circle. We had a grand time taking pictures of the sunset and of people exercising or having a picnic. This is one of the many things my husband and I share, the love of going out and taking random pictures. =)

After taking tons of pictures, we set off looking for something to fill our growling stomachs. Luckily, there are a lot of food stalls scattered around the park. Being on a budget, we opted to just buy soft drinks and chips from the nearby sari-sari store.

We found this notice posted on the store funny and starkly realistic. The message? Nothing is for free anymore, not the plastic spoon, or fork, or cup, or plate! Even if you already bought the food from them, the prices do not include the utensils!

Only in the Philippines I guess.


Foods That Help Boost and Improve Fertility

A friend of mine approached me the other day to seek my advice. She has been married for three years and still no baby. Her husband is really excited to hear the pitter patter of little feet in their new family home. My friend says she is getting frustrated, she really wants to conceive. I wanted to comfort her so badly. I just told her that all she can do is to pray, have faith and  to get as healthy as possible in preparation for her future babies. Reading this article might help too.

A simple tip to married couples, trying to conceive may be easy for some, but it can really put pressure in the marriage. Relax, and realize that you are doing this for your family. Team work is needed, along with love and understanding from both husband and wife.

Good luck!


Thinking of Our Taal Crater Trip

It has been so hot lately. It reminds of volcanoes and the trip Berto and I made to the Taal Crater. I remember the serene view of the shore with the boats tied by the side waiting for boisterous customers to come and hire them to ferry them to the crater. We went there on a hot summer day, similar to the ones we're having now.

A lot of firsts for me happened on that day: my first time to cross a lake (through a wooden boat), first time to ride a horse, and of course, first time actually step on an active volcano! Thankfully Berto was there with me, he made what would've been a scary adventure (for a scaredy cat!) into a fun one.

I hope we can go back again...

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