Jessica Zafra and JD Salinger’s Catcher in The Rye

 Earlier at the office, I decided to clean my desk.  Being a book worm and a pack rat is not really the best combination, and through the years my desk’s side drawer has transformed into a mini library with books of many varied topics, it needs its own catalogue. I realized I have most of Jessica Zafra’s Twisted books, including my last purchase, Twisted Tales. I know I still have some of her books at home but I just couldn’t remember if I possessed the Twisted 3 book.  It frustrated me. I wanted to run to the nearest bookstore to secure a copy just so I can finally lay claim that I have the whole Twisted Series.

Thankfully, I didn’t give in to my impulse to buy. When I got home, I immediately rummaged our room (with Berto quietly shaking his head in one corner) for the rest of Jessica’s books. I almost leapt for joy when I found them, and yes, I already had the third book! Yey!

I have been a fan of Jessica Zafra since the first time I read her essays. In fact, she was my first inspiration to start my first blog. I'm not a big fan of irony, cynicism or sarcasm, but these are the endearing traits that reeled me into Jessica’s writing. These are the things I find charming in her… talk about irony huh?

       I remember years ago, when my Bea was admitted in the hospital, I kept watch late into the night and I had no one to keep me company except Jessica Zafra and Twisted 1. Reading her book urged me to keep my mind off the fear and worries of a first time mom with a sick child. (or spawn as she liked to call ‘em)

In her books, she mentioned her fondness for JD Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye  a couple of times. I am intrigued. After searching my laptop, I finally came up with an ebook copy of the book. I promptly loaded it to my Kindle and Blackberry. I hope I can find time to read the book tomorrow. Will I also relate to the main character? Will I also find it inspiring? I’m excited to find out!

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