Moonleaf Tea Shop

Drinking milk tea has been the latest craze that has hit Metro Manila. Milk tea shops and kiosks have sprouted all over the metro, serving the cool, thirst-quenching drink to parched patrons.

Until last weekend, Berto and I haven’t tasted any of the milk tea brands. No, we haven’t been living under a rock, we just preferred to drink coffee. Anyway, I have been reading Francine Prieto’s tweets (@NorWEIRDgian) and she just went on about how good milk tea from Moonleaf was. That was when we decided to search for this famous milk tea and taste what the brouhaha was all about.

The nearest Moonleaf branch was in Marikina. Before going there, I tweeted Ms. Francine and asked her what flavor would she recommend for newbies like us. She tweeted back: @bertoandkwala wintermelon milk tea, vanilla milk tea or tiramisu milk tea add ka nalang pearls, pudding or nata. I was so tickled to have a celebrity give me gastronomic advice!

When we arrived at Moonleaf, I promptly ordered the best seller Wintermelon and added some nata  (P75 + P10 for the add on). Berto, who was not a big fan of either vanilla or tiramisu ordered the Hakka plus pearls (P 75 + P10 for the add on) upon the suggestion of the barista (is that what they’re also called at teashops?)

When I first tasted my wintermelon milk tea, I found it ordinary. I wasn’t really bowled over.  I guess my expectations were too high. But as I sipped my drink, I was slowly won me over. The tea was not too milky/creamy nor too tea-y. It was cool, sweet and refreshing. The nata also offered a burst of fruity flavor. Berto’s Hakka was made of black tea and creamy milk. It reminded me on Chowking’s Nai-cha. It had a more robust tea taste to it, just the way Berto liked it.

Berto and Kwala’s verdict:

Kwala: The moonleaf milk teas we tasted were good. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to it (like some), nor do I expect to wake up in the middle of the night craving for it. It is a delicious refreshing drink, and I am willing to go back and taste the other flavors the store offered like passion fruit yakult and lychee yakult. (I figured as long as they have yakult as an ingredient, it must be good)

Berto: I liked the Hakka Tea. I am not really adventurous with taste, but I’m glad I followed the moonleaf girl’s suggestion. Though I am not a big tea fan, I am a milk fan. I love anything creamy and Hakka Tea is one of them. I’ll definitely go back for more.

By the way, we still prefer coffee. =)

Visit their site : www.moonleaf.com where they have a menu list and a store locator.

Moonleaf Marikina Branch is located at 
25General Ordonez Street, Concepcion Dos, Marikina Heights (in front of OLOPSC) 
They’re open:  Mon - Sun:10:00 am-10:00 pm.
Telephone number: 470 5977


Anonymous said...

i heard about this shop from another blog friend. it sounds great! PM

Berto and Kwala said...

yah, naintriga lang din ako from the feedback of others. Masarap naman! =)

Cha said...

There's also two branches near UP, one in KFC along Katipunan and the other in Sikatuna Village. :)

Berto and Kwala said...

Thanks for the tip Cha, I often pass by Katipunan yet I haven't noticed the Moonleaf branch there. I'll have to drop by sometime and check it out =)

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