4th Genix Heat 'Em Up Car Show

Berto has always loved cars. His love affair with cars dates back in high school and first years in college when he first got his own car, a white Volkswagen we aptly named Buggy. I remember during our courtship days when he would pass by our place but would be too shy/intimidated by my parents to ring the door bell, he’d just pass by our street and I would know he was there just by the distinct sound Buggy made. I remember we attended our High School Dance in that car, but we had a driver back then because he was not yet old enough to drive on his own.

Berto makes sure we go to as many car shows as we can, although I can’t really appreciate them. I feel that once you’ve been to one crowded, eardrum-popping, chest-thumping, light-blinding, miniskirts galore car show, you’ve seen them all. Hubby doesn’t agree. He wants to go through rows and rows of vehicles which are all the same to me… but no, he would correct/lecture me saying this one has a different hood treatment, those have different headlights, these have bad-ass mags while these have sound systems that can blow down the little pigs’ house down. Ok…ok… whatever makes the hubby happy makes me happy so I gamely go to these shows with him.


Just this weekend, after doing some errands, we passed by the 4th Genix Carshow entitled Heat ‘Em Up. It ran from May 11-13 at the Carpark Level 4 of SM City Masinag. I didn’t even know that mall had a place for shows like these, sadly though there was no airconditioning and even the large industrial fans scattered around the venue couldn’t cool the place. Berto didn’t mind at all. There were various showcased rides pimped out to the nines, don’t ask me what brands and makes, I’m not a very observant person, and vehicles with four wheels all look alike to me. Berto was happy to note that the new Honda was on display but didn’t stay long at the Honda area because something already caught his eye, vintage Volkswagens. I guess you really can’t get over your first love. =) Here he is happily inspecting them.

Here’s one vehicle my friend A would love, she simply adores LV stuff! Haha! Too tacky for my taste though.

We didn’t stay that long because as I mentioned, the show really did heat us up, literally. I didn’t like the idea of being baked alive so after a few minutes, we left. Besides, there were not that many cars either, unlike the shows in Megamall or World Trade but it was enough to make the husband satisfy his car show craving. I guess we’ll be back again next year.

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