Amazing Avengers!

We wanted to avoid the crowd on the first day of showing so we watched the Avengers on the third day it was shown here in the Philippines. I read nothing but great review from those who already watched so both Berto and I were really excited to see it. I was a bit worried though since my expectations were high but I have to say, the movie delivered! It was good though that we saw the movie with a crowd that got the sense of humor of the movie, they laughed and reacted during times that they should. When we saw the movie a second time, (yeah we did, it was that good!) we were with a more "masa" crowd and the jokes and quips just flew over their heads, as in no reaction. That was when I proved that it was more fun to watch a movie with a reactive crowd. It had more effect, it seems suspenseful scenes are more suspenseful and funny ones are funnier. =)

Back to my story, both Berto and I loved the movie. I fell in love in Chris Hemsworth (Thor) all over again. Every character with their own conflicts and problems where highlighted... and they shone. When they were pitted against each other, the fight scenes were incredible!

As expected, there was a "surprise" scene after the credits rolled. I am no comics expert so I had no idea who the guy was, though he suspiciously looked like Hell Boy. I asked a cousin who's an expert and I promptly got a short  background about the mysterious figure. Aaahhh! It would surely make for an interesting Avengers 2.

Guess who welcomed us when the movie was over? The Avengers themselves! What a treat!

I wouldn't miss a photo op with Thor and Hawkeye. Sadly, I was taller than the Pinoy Thor so I had to bend my knees a bit...

Berto chose to have his picture taken with the macho Iron Man, impressive with actual lights on his palms, chest and eyes. The kid in Berto was just so elated... see him with his goofy grin? =)

I noticed a super hero in the crowd who was a bit out of place though... haha!

What? Watch Avengers for a third time??? Oh...why not? =)

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