Goto King and Queen

Berto and I have been craving for Goto for weeks now. It all started when we were on the way home, we noticed that there is a certain strip along Lamuan Street in Marikina where there were many stores selling goto. We started calling that strip "the goto lane". Then I had a brilliant idea, why not sample each and every gotohan along that lane and blog about the experience. Since eating was involved, Berto was on board! The more we talked about it, the more excited we got at trying all the the goto, tokwa't baboy etc.! There was a minor hitch in our plan, I wanted to eat goto as breakfast, and he wanted to eat it as a midnight snack. (I know, such a HUGE problem. haha). Since Berto is the official driver in this team, I couldn't go anywhere without him. That makes him winner by default I guess, so midnight snack it is.  So one night, we finally went out and bought goto, with extra laman please (that cost us additional P10 per order but so worth it!) It was so goooood. Berto added calamansi and that made the dish all the more delicious! Ok ok... I concede. Goto is yummy as a midnight snack! One store down, many more to go! 

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