High Blood!

Yes, this was Berto's blood pressure reading last Saturday. Imagine my panic! This is his all time high (as he proudly posted on his FB wall. Grrr!) He has been complaining of terrible headaches the past few days and we thought he was just coming down with a cold. I was just sick and the little one caught it too, we just thought it was his turn. After drinking the necessary cold medication, he still felt no relief. That's when I nagged him into taking his blood pressure reading. We purchased this Omron Blood Pressure Monitor more than 6 years ago, when we were advised by his doctor to monitor his blood pressure everyday. Being the obedient patient that he is, he only does it when he is not feeling good, otherwise the monitor just gathers dust in our cabinet. 

Last Saturday, after getting this reading, we rushed to the nearest drug store to buy Catapres, put it under his tongue and waited for it to dissolve. After a few minutes, we checked his blood pressure again and thankfully it was a slightly lower. He took another dose of Catapres and this brought his blood pressure lower, still far from normal, but lower. Berto said he felt the pressure ease from his head. Whew! 

I just wish hubby would listen to me when I remind him to watch what he eats and to get enough rest and exercise. Good thing he's now switched jobs and has gotten away from the former job's uber stressful environment. The past days he's been a good patient again, drinking his maintenance drugs for hypertension, staying away from fatty and salty foods... Here's to hoping this good behavior lasts...

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