Last Two Minutes!

I can almost hear the basketball game announcer in my head as he announces the last two minutes.... Last two minutes before the Starbucks Happy Hour Promo officially ends. We arrived in a Starbucks Cafe at around 5:30pm and man was the line long! That was when we found out that the 50% off the Frappuccino promo which started last April officially ends today at exactly 6pm. Berto and I have an excuse, we didn't know that today's the last day. We just felt like drinking coffee. The other guys in line however were there for the promo. We overheard them talking, saying how they ran over from their offices just to beat the 6pm cut-off. Hmmm. That means they're working nearby, and they could've just gone earlier but no, they had to beat the deadline. Typical pinoy? You bet. I've been guilty of this 'last minute' trait too. Oh well.

At 6:10 the baristas burst into a countdown: 5..4..3..2..1! Promo is officially over ( they generously gave a 10 minute allowance for late-comers) Guess what? At around 6:20 two ladies came sauntering in, lazily placed their orders and were shocked to find out that promo is over. Um... 6:20pm ladies...check your watches... If you wanted your Frappuccino at half the price, you should've come earlier, before the buzzer sounded... Sorry no game overtime... Now pay up, full price.

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