Tips on SEO Optimization for Blogs

Earlier today, my officemate J asked me all about blogs and how her blog can have a better chance of being found by search engines. Now I can not claim to be an expert, that would be farthest from the truth seeing that my blogs are pretty mediocre when it comes to page ranks, but I did share with her some things I have learned though the years of blogging.
  • Update blogs regularly. 2 to 3 times a week is the optimal schedule, better if you can make it daily. But make sure your posts has substance.
  • Write well, use correct grammar and spelling. Better to write in English. Blogs have a global reach, readers (and Google) might not understand your local tongue.
  • Pick a niche. It is always better if your blogs have a central topic/s. What do you like to write about? Some choose fashion and beauty products while others review techie gadgets. In our case, it's food, movies and travel. =)
  • Use keywords wisely. Always use at least one keyword in the title. Be careful not to overload your post with keywords though, Google hates this and you might be reprimanded with a lower page rank or worse, you can be banned! (this happened to one of my blogs) The higher the page rank, the better chances of showing up near the top spot on search engine results.
  • Include links to relevant sites. 
  • Comment on other blogs that are similar to your blog. Interact with other readers. Don't forget to leave a link back to your blog. This is a sort of invitation to other bloggers to come and visit your blog. More visitors, more commenters, the more chances of being loved by Google.
Right now, I have a page rank of one. Before, one of my blogs reached a PR of 3, however I failed to update it regularly and posts became keyword and ads laden that google noticed and demoted my rank to 0! Worse, it got banned for years. Google just refused to rank it! Thankfully, I fixed the problem by deleting the erring posts and posting relevant blog entries regularly. Finally, Google forgave me by bestowing upon my site a page rank of  1 after being snubbed for years and years! By the way, Google ranks the sites regularly -monthly I think, to keep bloggers on their toes, writing quality posts, steering clear from keyword overload.

Here's to hoping J launches her blog soon so I can link her up and leave comments on her posts. One can never have too many friends here in cyberspace! =)

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