Titanic 3D 2012

Weeks ago, Berto asked me to watch the Titanic 3D with him. I though he was kidding. We already watched that movie when it was first shown in 1997. Of course we were still boyfriend and girlfriend back then. I was just out of college and was on my first year working with the bank. I remember the Titanic fever hit us pretty hard back then. Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On constantly played on the radio and everyone’s PC wallpaper were variations of clips from the movie. Someone would randomly blurt out lines from the movie. Girls swooned at the mention of Jack/Leo’s name.

Anyway, Berto and I went and watched theTitanic in 3D. We even watched it in the same movie house we watched it in last 1997. As if James Cameron’s movie didn’t fare well enough the first time, it was re-released this year to commemorate the Titanic disaster’s 100th anniversary.

I thought I’d be so bored watching Titanic again. I thought I was over the story of young love with disastrous ending. Boy, was I wrong. Watching Jack and Rose on the big screen again, I grinned like a teenage girl and sniffled like a toddler (sometimes at the same time) at various parts of the movie.

I guess they had to show the movie in 3D just for the sake of differentiating it from the first release. Honestly, I didn’t really notice a big improvement, though I was impressed to note that Cameron’s cgi and movie effects 15 years ago is still acceptable, maybe even at par with today’s effects.

I’m glad Berto and I watched this movie again. We fell in love with the immortal story of Jack and Rose all over again… this time in 3D.

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