Why We Were Away...And Stuff That Happened While We Were Gone

Well, actually we weren't . We've been here as always and I have been trying to post stuff here on our blog but our internet connection just won't cooperate. It's so frustrating! Yoohoo, PLDT DSL, something has got to be done, not only was our blogging life interrupted, our photography business too. We had a hard time posting photobooth pictures in online album; clients were getting impatient. Thankfully once we explained our situation, they were very understanding. We're lucky to have such nice clients.

What's new with us? Several things actually. Berto had a new opportunity open up for him. We are always grateful for windows opening :) Early this year, he left the corporate world to concentrate on our business. Now, he gets to do something else on the side. Additional income is always welcome in our family.

We also enrolled our little girl. This June, she is back to school as a kinder 2 pupil instead of a Prep student. Apparently, under the new K plus 12 education system, this is the effect on pre-school students. Tuition fees are expensive! Plus books plus school supplies! This year we really have to get her a new set of PE uniform. She has gotten too big for the old one, it is practically screaming for a replacement! I hope our princess enjoys school this year, we had some problems with bullies last year...

I spent the whole day yesterday stuck in a seminar. The great thing is that I was a seminar about writing. It's nice to go through some grammar rules that I've already forgotten. I got to meet this really nice girl from Ateneo who has been working for only two years, and she kept on harping about how she loved work and how she's competitive... I don't think I've ever felt that way. For me, work was just work. Here I am, working for almost 15 years, and I just can't wait for it to be over. I envy her. With that attitude, she'll go a long way, plus she's happy. What's success without fulfillment and happiness?

That was how our week went. How was yours?

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