Caffe Ti-Amo

Peppermint Iced Tea

Earlier today, I went out for lunch. No, I didn’t eat out or meet anyone for lunch, I just felt the urge to leave the office and walk around for a while. I found myself walking along Paseo De Roxas. The sun wasn’t out but it was humid. I got to Paseo Center with sweat dripping from embarrassing parts of my body.

I felt so thirsty that I remembered one of my favorite iced teas ever, the peppermint iced tea of Caffe Ti-amo in Greenbelt. It is refreshing and cool! It is actually a hot herbal tea, but you can request to put it on ice.  

I used to frequent that café a lot back when Berto’s office was right at the rooftop. I haven’t been back for months! Maybe I can talk Berto into taking me to the movies in Greenbelt one of these days, then a quick stopover at Caffe Ti-amo would definitely be a must. =)


Me said...

You should! And I recommeng their gelatos and affogatos as well, they're heaven!

While their menu choices were kinda pricey, better check their deal that I've seen earlier at the Metrodeal site, I think it's a steal! Cafe Ti-Amo

Berto and Kwala said...

Hi Christal! I've never tried their gelato and affogato. I always went for their teas and coffees.

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll definitely try the gelatos the next time I get the chance to go there! Perfect for summer!

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